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Smite Force

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This was a project I worked on on my spare time, but during the middle of production I sort of gave up. I realized the script and recordings were pretty cringy and I couldn't bear hearing them anymore.

I didn't want to throw away months of work, so I cobbled together what I could and this is the result. I figured you guys might appreciate it.

(Hope you don't mind this not being in English, I added subs)

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תעבוד על המבטאים ותנסה שזה לא יראה ילדותי

...and the potential continuation looked so promising too! :/ Tis a shame, but it does seem like an almost abnormally large amount of effort put into animating this, so much detail with the characters and their movements. Not so much with the backgrounds, but with the colorful contrasts and focus on the motion that works well anyway. I like how they're all introduced, though the voice for the girl hmm... might've been better with a voice actor there! Could've been interesting though...


Wow. That's a lot of work you put in there. Pretty ambitious for sure. I agree with what you said about it but the quality of animation is also just really great in some parts. Hoping to see more from you at some point.

dbiton responds:

Yep, probably too much work for such a poorly thought out concept though, ha ha.

lol this is really good.

dbiton responds:

Thank you :)