Crow's Peak

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In the monster populated town of Crow's Peak, Drake and Frank get invited to the birthday party of a psychopath. Hilarity ensues.

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Man, FIRST OFF I feel like I need to say thanks for even making this. There just isn't enough Halloweenish stuff out there! Second, this is legit good, and I don't mean "for someone new to NG". Definitely keep animating.

I guess it wouldn't kill me to actually say something constructive for once in my life. Uh, the last tween of the gang walking down the sidewalk, if you put some easing on it in the tween options, it'd look a lot nicer with the shrinking perspective, and I guess the scene where they're just eyes would fit in the flow a little better if the eyes looked the same hand-drawn as the rest of the cartoon, instead of Circle Tool + Perfect Squares Syndrome. But critique is for NERDS and watching this made me happy.

I'm sure you're gonna keep making cartoons, but just make sure to keep sharing them with NewGrounds, too!

McDonaldbros responds:

Hey, thanks for the input, my man. I will definitely be posting more cartoons on here. Thanks for the review.

I really like the design of the characters! Also, I enjoyed the story!

Nice job with the story and humor! The sketch effect looked quite glitchy at times, but overall you did a great job! :)

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3.44 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2018
9:21 PM EST