BlackUniGryphon Fursona Logo Motion Graphics

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Effects Animation/Motion Graphics Fursona Logo.
Original vintage drawing was hand drawn.
Scanned & colored in Adobe Photoshop: 6.0, CS5, CC 2016, 2017, 2018
It's pretty complex despite being so flat, with several layers.
Effects animation programmed in Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

There are SOOOOOOOO many layers in this, and ut took me several days to program & edit this, despite how simple it appears.
I also had to repaint the image almost entirely just for the HD format.

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Nice art, and the effects go nicely with it. I'd suggest maybe some nice background music. Check the audio portal under Other-Cinematic, I could see something there pairing well with it.

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Thanx. I agree.
I mostly made it as a test animation to see what I could do with it, and it was a lot of work.
I have several versions of it now. the audio version would've taken longer to upload. My internet is so bad.