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40XX:Fight the future. (WIP)

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Realities colliding.A world that is tearing itself apart.

Welcome to 40XX.

Game controls:
Arrow keys - Move left and right.
X - Jump.
Z - Focus mode.
C - Shoot(On air only).

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Visualy speaking, I love where it is going.
Controling the player becomes frustraiting. It gets very hard to control your movement while in the air, jumping starts being a problem where you cant really tell how far you'll go, specially while on focus mode. It gives a feeling of floatiness, where you lose maneuverability.
Sometimes it feels like the game doesn't register when I press jump, making walljumping feel like chance.
The player tends to blend into the background too much. the ambience in general is pretty dark, making it kind of hard to see all the elements. It doesn't help to differentiate the different kinds of blocks, making the regular and the disappearing ones look similar.
Minor complaint, it feels like the DEAD screen lasts a bit too long, long enough that it becomes annoying.
I guess the major complaints are bad movement and visibility.
I do want to repeat, I really like how it looks. Neon colors, glitchy looking, pixelly, it's really good aesthetically. Soundtrack is quite fitting, enjoyable (I like the little pop-up showing what track is playing, nice touch).
It's a great proof of concept, a lot of nice ideas, that need a lot of work.
I do wish to see a more polished version in the future, it could be a genuinly enjoyable experience.

Good artwork and atmosphere. Unfinished even for a demo. Needs more work.

VirtualClover responds:

I think I might change the title from demo to WIP.

It's alright, A few problems though, but you already know what they are...

Such a promising project ruined by bad platforming. Nice sounds, nice graphics, very atmospheric all around.

I cannot see ANYTHING on the screen. It is one thing if you want to get across that noir feeling and it is another when the player is hindered in playing your game due to lack of visibility.

The controls work for me differently: I jump with X and not Y and I turn on the flashlight with Y.

I got to a point where there is a terminal with an "X" above it...I could not active it no matter what button I pushed (I don't know if you should be able to activate it or not).

Then came the section with the red blocks and I just gave up. The lack of visibility and the funky jumping made it impossible for me to advance.

You have such well drawn backgrounds, a world so bleak and so well made...I have no idea why you would FORCE bad platforming here.

Hope to see some changes here and I will come back to give it a higher rating.

VirtualClover responds:

Yep,I've been a designer always,so I decided to adventure into programming from scratch a game(and man is hard!),this is just a test of the controls,I still need a lot to learn and polish,thanks for the feedback!

i died five times on red blocks! Not interested in giving another try. No controls in description/in-game. Shame because graphics looked interesting.

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2018
12:10 AM EST