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"...there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps--HIS PRIDE!"

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Voice/Sound Credits:
All voices done by Chris Sabat (ripped from 'Raging Blast' video game). Sound effects ripped from Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super anime. I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS.

Music Credits:
"Thunderstorm" by Hanu Dixit

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Vegeta the best! Thanx!

Chris-Vassilico responds:

Yeah he is! :D

Simple and Awesome! Thanks for that moment \,,/, ^-^ ,\,,/

Chris-Vassilico responds:

Thanks so much and thanks for watching! :D

Full Tension (normal) - Interesting Attitude...lol
Super Saiyan 1 - Touchy Attitude.
Super Saiyan 2(m) - Keep in mind, Vegeta pulls ss2 outta his hat against buu after being brought back by Porunga in the Buu saga.
SS4 - Short Lived honestly.
SSG1 - (facedesk)
SSG(a) - (glares) Missing the overly abundant asshole side of his attitude ^_^

Chris-Vassilico responds:

All of them... sarcastic af because he's Vegeta. xD

Pretty nice!

Chris-Vassilico responds:

Thank you!


Chris-Vassilico responds: