The Lego Rake Movie

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A stop motion animation i made back in 2016 of the rake creature that goes on a murderous rampage and kills people, even the swat.


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A fun lego film

A bit choppy on the film and some nice effects like the gun shooting seems like it could be a tad longer and more story added, a good concept here and you cant go wrong with some lego-mation as this was pretty fun here and you even added a small story, you have some nice ideas and with lego it seems to work well and all come together in good fashion here, some really nice actions in this

seems like it could be a tad longer and more story added


I get this was made a long ass time ago, but even this has some viewing value. I like the use of the translucent red lego pieces. I do not know much about "The Rake", but this caught my attention and made me interested about it.

You know it would be more interesting if you would use more sound effects that just that screaming effect,also use other screaming sounds than jst the same it made me laugh more than anything.

The idea behind everything was great, I like the animations, especially the gun shots and blood drops, they turned out well, but the generall setting in which you recorded all of this is a bit too bright, the camera quality is rather bad, and I'd consider this the most major downside for now.

But still, I think it turned out well. Just some small things that kinda bothered me on the entire look of the settings, but it still looks cool ^_^

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2.95 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2018
9:56 AM EST