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Scarce Times [Abandoned]

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Author Comments

Note 9/26/19: I've quit work on this game i'll do something else

Update: 7/7/18:
New UI and Diagonal Movement

Update 7/6/18:
New Dad,New Enemy HP Bar,Text Rewrites,Turn Order View and an animated battle with dad

Update 3/16/18:
Added some new parts of the story check it out!
(being unable to exit your room after you fight lucien is not a bug it's just not developed yet)

Update 3/15/18:
New version with a few changes and some new easter eggs
hope you all enjoy!

Note: Alot of changes to be made in future updates
which means finished character sprites

A demo for my new game please leave reviews in the comments.
Haven't decided a name for it yet.

Tell me any bugs you find in the comments please

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its a graet game but need more stories to it and make the charaters artwork done
aside frome all that i love im looking forword to play this game completely

HellsLost responds:

Glad you enjoyed it i'd update it right now but the upload file limit is "250 MB" and the current file is 500 MB so it'll be a little while till the next update

This is a fun game but I have a few suggestions; 1) The opponent should have a health bar because it helps me pace myself to see if I need to use my spells or should I keep attack like normal. Sometimes I a bit annoyed at not knowing if I should use my Med-Kit or keep attacking my opponent because I have no way of knowing how much health my opponent has left. My opponent could have like 2 HP left and I just wasted my Med-Kit just to heal myself instead of attacking.

2) The monster or hostile characters should have their level displayed so we can get a sense of scale in power of which one to attack and which one to avoid. I was fighting the ghost in the forest to level up and I notice that some ghost seems to be stronger than the other ghost but I can't know for sure since the level doesn't show and the HP bar doesn't show either.

3) I think the background is nice with lots of detail but I was a bit disappointed when you can't interact with it, for example, picking up fruits, berry, or mushroom as food item. Fishing in the pond, or even picking up flowers and I could consume those flowers for special buff during battle. Or I could give food items to characters to earn their affection and that would open a new dialogue box that didn't exist before. Don't just let your background be background give it some benefit if the character interacts with his surrounding, I think this would be a great way to reward players for exploring his/her surrounding that that would make your game stand out more from the other games like this. For reference please check out the "Harvest Moon" game for more idea of world interaction.

Overal I think your game has a lot of potentials, but it does have a feel of generic RPG and it might risk being forgettable. I hope my suggestions help. Oh, also I'm stuck in the house with the dad and mom after beating the Rogue and Assasin the other night. I tried talking to both the mom and dad but nothing happens. I even try to go to the sister room and tried to go outside but I can't. I'm currently stuck in there, the only thing I can do is to go upstairs and sleep but nothing changes.

HellsLost responds:

Thanks for the suggestions I implemented some of the things you listed

if you stop by the inn after fighting the rogue and assassin, when you come out, you can fight them again. rinse repeat and i hit level 7 before i moved on. then once back in the house and i went to bed, i'm stuck in the house with my dad making breakfast but can't leave or do anything - not sure if that is a bug or just the end of the demo.

You definitely need to add some context to what is going on, but you seem to have a vision that just needs some refinement. Keep at it and good luck.

HellsLost responds:

"i'm stuck in the house with my dad making breakfast but can't leave or do anything - not sure if that is a bug or just the end of the demo."
It's neither actually what you're supposed to do is talk to your mother and your sister should come out with a speech "Nobody attacks my brother!"
Then I recommend you go into her room at this time and grabbing her axe which is better than her current one. After that just go outside and you'll see what happens (:

(Also there is a bug where you need to press Z sometimes to get through the door it will be fixed in future versions)

I just kind of kept killing my dad till i was too op for everything else

HellsLost responds:

That'll probably be changed up on future releases.

this is a pretty good rpg maker experience. i'm having a fun time playing this game

HellsLost responds:

Thanks i'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2018
12:23 AM EST