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Random Boss Battles

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Author Comments

A game where you must fight randomly generated bossfights in a retro top-down shooter style.
This is just a demo and will soon be improved, make sure to comment feedback as it will probably end up in the full release.

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This game has a really cool concept but simply isn't developed enough to be engaging.

My biggest problem is how easy it is. The life counter resets every fight and even when I get hit(which almost never happens because the random cannons can't hit the broad side of a barn) it only registers half the time and the auto-fire as well as the bosses constant swaying keeping it in range makes it so you don't even have to move to beat every boss. I've literally cleared twenty levels while I was writing this.

I think the game has real potential but, as it stands, its just not any kind of engaging or challenging and is barely even playable.

mabie the ship sticking to your mouse would be a bit more fun... Thanks for adding the autofire though! But it kinda makes the game too easy. Like the other reviews say, map shooting to space or z.

i stood still and spammed the clicking n won..

awesomebrooDOTexe responds:

The idea is to defeat as many bosses in a row as possible, not just 1

Good lord, this needs work

Let's start with the controls: Arrows and mouse is a terrible combination for any reason. I'd suggest mapping fire to z, a, spacebar, or the like. Or, better yet, using autofire. If you really want to use the mouse, use wasd instead of the arrows

Enemies are really boring. You need way more going on than rotating cannons. Where are aimed bullets, lasers, spread shots?

awesomebrooDOTexe responds:

I have fixed all of your complaints, thx

Interesting idea, I'm sure it could be interesting once you add more diverse content.
I did encounter some bugs very early on: I got stuck on lvl 2 because 2 blocks essentially became immortal (they would move and take damage, but never disappeared). Also, holding left click while spamming right click doubles or even triples your fire rate.
Also, perhaps don't let hitsounds overlap, otherwise they start crackling if you start shooting too fast.
Nothing that can't be fixed though! Keep it up!

awesomebrooDOTexe responds:

Thanks for your response, I will hopefully soon fix those and any other bugs I or others might find. Thx

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2018
5:19 AM EST