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Finally got it done! I have to mention that this AMV mix is the second to last that I am doing. Well, the second to last one with multiple anime/original animations. The last one will be of fan animations for a single anime that has an original spin to it. Anyways, this one that I just posted came out a lot better ( animation and effects ) than usual, since I've started using more effects in each scene and working more on making my animations smoother ( I'm more patient now ). Since the next AMV style animation video will be the last, I'll have more time to focus on my anime episodes, which means they will get done a LOT quicker, and be better animated since my focus will be solely on them ( once I finish my other projects I'll be getting the episodes done even faster! ) The song, BTW, is Project Vela - Never Let Her Go.

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everything is A1 except:
- the faces are annoying
- between your canvas and its settings your lines are REALLY shaky (which would be normal) but motion this good deserves better
otherwise it'd be perfect

I usually dont say this much but damn there's so much good shit here that Id hate to see it go to waste *followed* I Look forward to your next big'un

BestofNesia responds:

Thanks! The lines being shaky is mainly due to my shaky hands as a diabetic, but I found a program that helps with that, so once I get used to animating with it I'll be using it. As for the faces being annoying, I don't know what to say, lol. I can't really fix that unless you specify why they're annoying.

I don't like overly sappy valentines day tributes, but I feel this one was too far removed to the point there was no romance whatsoever. Still, pretty great looking action scenes, I don't meet many people on this site who do quite the same level of work. Work on the animation consistency and these animations will look absolutely fantastic.

You made all those fight scenes yourself correct? Which anime series were those characters from? I know you said some of them are yours, but I'm not too familiar with anime, haha.

BestofNesia responds:

Thanks! And yeah, not much romance in the video. The only reason it's a valentines video is that I worked harder than usual on it for someone I love, and because I somehow managed to finish exactly on valentines day. The only anime character in here that isn't mine is Kurama from Naruto. And the animations are all done by me, since I'm so antisocial that I always work very badly in a group. BTW, the animations are fairly low quality because of being animated at 1280 * 720 with Paintdotnet, and no smoothing techniques were used. I am planning to animate at twice that size soon, with antialiasing enabled instead of my usual disabled setting, and smoothing techniques. I tried it yesterday and it's a big improvement!

An inspiring and powerful mixture of animation and music! Beautiful work.


BestofNesia responds:


Awesome music, where's it from ?

BestofNesia responds:

It's from Project Vela, the song is Never Let Her Go. I forgot to mention it in the description, so I'll do that now. I found the song on the MontageRock YouTube channel, BTW, which has tons of copyright-free songs like this.


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Feb 15, 2018
4:08 PM EST
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