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Heart to Heart

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A little game about managing relationships, made in 2 weeks for class. Our theme was "love" and we took it in this direction. Thought I'd post this on Valentine's Day!

Tip: Don't hesitate!

My high score is around 1000 >:]

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Good game here

You have Engineered a good game here, it has lots to see and do, allthough it could use more in some parts but that will ultimately be explained later, But as I start off this submission, I like what you have presented here and there are some fun and entertaining stuff as this gets started, I do hope to see more of it thruout so keep it rolling. I like the game its simple and fun seems like this is the type of game you could ad some "MEDALS" too

Ad some medals.


Keep your loved ones close hmm... in a way it's sad that losing just one of those hearts is what ends it all. Symbolic-like. Pressurizing. Gotta keep all relations going or it's over for all.I like the idea and gameplay though, simple but... difficult! Though there's not so much more you can do in the end, just go for a somewhat higher score, would be interesting withmedals, or highscores, in that regard, to see how high that highscore really was in the bigger picture. Good stuff.


Good game but really frustrating. You have to pull all the hearts back and you can only pull one back at a time, so the others get away while your working on one. This game deserves a 2.5 rating.

Very nice game, very cute. But the difficulty doen't grow, or not enough. I reached 400 points and got board, so I let the hearts go away. It can be interpreted as an aging passion, but as a game, it is not fun

It's a decent game, a lot of deep meanings could be put into that.
After some time it gets boring though, at least after 10 mins. A rising difficulty lvl could work, like more bad thoughts spawning after every 1000 score.
But it seems the difficulty rose after 4000, the hearts became faster and I couldn't keep up.

Nethertheless I beat your score of 1000 with my 4247 :P

driftwoodwolf responds:

Wow, congrats! Thanks for letting me know, because I honestly didn't expect anyone would play it for that long haha

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3.35 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2018
3:29 AM EST