Air Wings - Missile Attack

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Air Wings - Missile Attack is a game in which you must control an airplane and dodge as many homing missiles as you can. Make them collide with each other and collect stars to increase final score. If one or both of the airplane wings has been damaged pick up the Repair power-up to fix your plane. Take Shield power-up to temporarily dodge taken damage. Survive as long as possible to stay at the top. Go plane and have fun!

- free, fast, casual and addictive gameplay
- simple controls
- shield and repair power-ups
- great visual and sound effects
- compete with others on google play games leaderboards

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That's right.....

Yay, I made it onto the High Scores table! Decent game. Needs mouse control. I love the High Scores table, btw.

Great Game.

Wonderfully simple and engaging game.

Pros: I've not been addicted to a game like this in a long time.

Cons: I've not been addicted to a game like this in a long time.

Nice game!

Little bug here, sometimes it loads in incorrectly. So today this happened to me, and the mechanics actually changed a few times over on one single load:

- At the first run I had 2 airplanes at the same time. Unfortunately, only one of them needed to be shot down to end that run.
- The second run everything looked normal. Except when two missiles collided it registered as me dying.
- From the third run and upward the game actually became an improved version of the original. You see, for everything I did boosted double score! Needles to say I heavily abused that feature by placing myself on top of the High Score Chart with a total of 4,844 points.

Cheating you says? I just like to think of myself as being absolutely awesome.

At any rate, after my mission was done I reloaded the web page and everything went back to normal.

devizgl responds:

I reproduced such a bug and fix it. Thanks

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2018
8:24 AM EST
Skill - Avoid