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Fantasy Cats Shooter 3

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- Description -

Blast hundreds of cute creatures, dodge thousands of bullets, defeat boss and reach levels to gain power ups!
Choose your character and dive into the fantastic Chimeras World.

- Controls -


◄ ► ▲ ▼: Move
Q (or A for “azerty” keyboard): focus / show hitbox
W (or Z for “azerty” keyboard): shoot
E: bomb / ultimate
D: ally
P: pause


Left-click: shoot
Double left-click: ally
Right-click: bomb / ultimate

- Credits -

Programming / Art / Musics / Sounds / Story / ... everything else: ClemiNeko

- More -

You can check my DeviantArt page if you're interested by what I do.

Don't forget to check the in-game manual for additional informations!

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the game is great, fun, frustrating and have some rly cool effects... BUT! The game needs someone that writes the story cuz its not good. When they speak they show no emotions at all.

The danmaku is pretty good, and the soundtrack is fun. Though I would have liked being able to configurate controls, especially as the bomb button is for whatever reason the E key? I need to scramble for it.

ClemiNeko responds:

It should be find with "qwerty" and "azerty" keyboards...
For "qwerty" keyboards the 3 main keys are "qwe", and for "azerty" keyboards they are "aze".

Pretty decent. Clear Touhou influence

Music's good, art is mediocre

The basic shmup gameplay works pretty well. Could have used a bit more variety in enemy patterns, but it's far from the worst I've seen

The extra mechanics added to the base gameplay are iffy. I'm not sure what power is for, since shot strengthening is part of the RPG elements. The allies system is unnecessary and kind of confusing. And the RPG bits don't really do much except let you switch between two shottypes between stages (and make it take too long to reach the final stage of power)

ClemiNeko responds:

Thank you for the review!

Since the game is indeed a shmup with added RPG bits, I understand that the whole thing is kind of "iffy".
Power is actually a way for the player to reach skills he has bought in the RPG upgrades system. Just read the requirement of each skills and you will see something like "power:30".
And yeah, allies are mostly here to help you a little bit. It's something like an additional and original feature in the game. (I find that funny btw ^^)

Really well done. Must have taken you a long time. Definitely going to take me a while to defeat the game.

ClemiNeko responds:

Thanks! Hope you're going to be destroyed by some delicious Chimeras hehehe... Uh!... I mean... Of course I hope you're going to succeed =')