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All On Black - Depressing Maths 3

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After being put on probation with the Headteacher, Mr. Smith is allowed back into the classroom for another exciting Depressing Maths!

Wanna see the first two sketches in this series? Well here you go:

Depressing Maths 1:

Depressing Maths 2:

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Teacher - Baz Jones
Girl - Lara Anstead
Boy - Matt Walrond

Written, Directed & Produced by Chris Shaw

Art & Animation by James White

Sound Design by Adam Summersgill

Sabana Havana - Jimmy Fontanez & Media Right Productions

Executive Producer - Robert Shackleford

Ident animated by Ellie C. Ident music & sound by Sam Sawtell

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That's what I like to see on here

LOTAC responds:

Thanks dude! I got more coming soon but delays are the order of 2019 so far it seems...

For some reason, everyone's seemed to have at least one depressed math teacher XD

LOTAC responds:

I don't think anyone has ever really wanted to become a math teacher

Since you keep posting all this good shit, I feel like I have no choice but to follow and subscribe to you all.

Thank you and keep being sexy.

LOTAC responds:

No, thank YOU and YOU keep being sexy! But seriously thanks :) We'll try and keep posting some good shit for ya

Lol I've had substitute teacher exactly like this. The kid's expressions were priceless haha. Nice work!

LOTAC responds:

Thanks :). Infact this character is based on a maths teacher I used to have