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The Sergio Show Episode #94

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Sergio helps his uncle

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I like it

A good episode as he "TALKS" about animation then boom his uncle apears very nice, I would suggest some subtitles just as an extra idea, So I like it, you have convinced me on a whole other level, and while some things can always be fixed and polished, its the humor that you really make work, sergio is simple but he always finds himself in these odd situations, and thats what I have come to love about these and this one, very good stuff, you should make the sister a main character, I know she is but she is always funny. My Ending Remarks on this flash submission, are that its a fine flash movie entry, there seems to be alot going on, and it does bring an entertaining value to the front tables, And I was Excitedly watching this film as it kept me interested, and glued to the screen, so nice strat to a good flash submission here, and I look forward to more of what you have for us. Not to bore youany longer I will try and bring this review to an end of sorts, But you do have a good Opportunity to make things better with the improvments if any, You have a Refreshing flash submission here.

I would suggest some subtitles just as an extra idea



Glad that you listened about the volume. I see the volume of your animation is better and like what people said, your animation a bit better too. But this is still crap! Like your art style needs to improve drastically. Part of creating your own series is having a decent design. Your animation is below goanimate's animations, honestly making a series related to animations is an awful idea because you yourself aren't even a good animator. You are improving but it's not enough. Your voice acting is awful as well, get some voice actors or act better. Be loud and dramatic and act! Doesn't mean get excited too, don't just high volume too. You still use midi? Honestly there's a lot of music on newgrounds for you not to get copyrighted. Beats your midi crap. Also, season 9? that's not how shit works. There can be 50 episodes or more in 1 season, uploading a fuck ton of shit doesn't make it season 9. I'm normally never this rude tbh, it hurts me being the one to do it. That uncle guy was decent with that tongue thing lol. My advice is dropping this series maybe get rid of it as a whole and start fresh with a new name and before uploading anymore animations. Practice! learn from others find something that fits you. I've made so many shit animations and because of that I hid them and i just continue and get better and better abandoning my crap that are not worth watching. do the same. I have to be rude mijo unu.

i like how things look but a bit too strange