Pmation: "Diaper Another Day"

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Produced by Ross Bollinger
Directed by Sam Johnson
Animated by James Orman
Music by Brendan Cooney
Storyboarded by Dane Georges
Sound Design by Ryan Boone
with Brandon Gentry
Voices by Oswald Garrington
Compositing by Anthony Price
Coloring by Nadya Butylina
Production Management by Cameron Jones
with Greg Pearce

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I love your style of animation!

A fantastic piece to the bigger puzzle

Very nice work here this was a fantastic piece to the bigger puzzle, you seem to always have some nice ideas flowing around and this was just one of them the animation itself was entertaining flowed very smooth the characters while not great still have some nice amusing points. Now Here is a great Movie entry It works well because there is so much to it. And thats what I liked about it, The Visuals are not that impressive, but it really is a fun and somewhat entertaining in its own-right. I think it might be because you didn't try to make it too fancy or anything, just portray it as how it's supposed to be. and thats makes any movie great so good job here. You have Devoted good effort to this, and I will Definite be back for more of your works, so keep up the good works here. A Refreshing submission if I say so, the target market of viewers should enjoy this one. as always love these but wouldnt mind more color into these.

more added color for sure.


i honestly have to admit this probably has to be the weakest cartoon

it is way too short, it is just about a baby with a smelly diaper and it sorely needed more jokes

ericho said it best

This is awesome

I felt like this was weak. I mean, it was way too short. It was just a baby with a stinky diaper. The movements seemed weird in this. I'm not just talking about the bowels. I guess this was still kind of nicely animated.

Does this blue guy have a name? I guess it's something different for you. It just didn't work out too well. I'm sure some people will like it. It needed more jokes.