Crossed Fire

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You may want to turn down your volume just a bit. Also, if you press quit you *might* close this tab. Sorry about that.


Arrow Keys: Movement

Space Bar: Jump

Escape: Quit

M: Toggle Mute

F: Toggle Full-screen


Double Jump: You pretty much need to if you want to score something.

Controlled Jump Height: A huge leap, a tiny hop? You decide!

Wall slide: Sliding makes you fall slower, this is good for controlling where (and when) you'll land.

Bullet Hop: Bullet hopping is hard, but once you know the timing, you'll be able to bounce off the top of the bullets to score points faster, without touching the ground.

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I´m enjoyed, I thought it entertaining

half the time when i jump up high to grab the coin, it goes in slow motion and acts like i'm dying. i don't understand that at all.

the point is to dodge the projectiles. that is all.

figure out the bugs in this game.

Addictive but the patterns are always the same. (+ good game)

Pretty addictive and I like the graphics, great work d00d!

This is fuckin awesome. Simple graphics but you really get the most out of them.

I think you should add a dodge-only mode though, where the goal is just dodging the projectiles without having to worry about getting the square for points. I think it's fun enough without that element honestly and it could get more challenging with more erratic projectiles, additional projectiles. speed changes, projectiles shooting vertically as well as horizontally etc. as it goes on (though maybe some of this is already incorporated and I just didn't score high enough to see it).

Alternatively I think it might be fun if the square wasn't the only way of getting points, ie every successful dodge gets you 1 point and the square gets you five or ten, but it's only attainable every ten seconds or something

GabeD3 responds:

Thank you!!

I developed this game a while ago and this was a simple port to html5 so adding features is not likely, but possible ;)

I can say this, I'll look into making the game more accessible and improving the late game for skilled players.

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2.82 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2018
12:42 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop