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Sonic flash rise of the clones episode 2

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Author Comments

This is the second episode of Sonic flash rise of the clones. Hope you like it

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What's your name ?
. (3days later)
.(another3days later)
Ok vincent

Small joke I've thrown in there.
Thing is that DBZ Sonic Flashes was cool like now a few years ago. Still love them movies, welp the ones which are good I mean. Thing is you can't just have 100s and 1000s of sonic dbz style sprite movies, its becoming boring, and its worse when they're not even having a good story. Same old, same old, bad face (recolour of sonic with bigger spins or lines crossed on the head and stuff) and not to mention the lines which are the same old same old, from other ''good'' sprite movies and stuff. I mean if I were to have some knowledge in sprite movie creation, of course everyone has a start, I'm not saying mine would be better, I think it would be a 1000 times worse then this movie I've just watched. But still I'd try to come up with some original content, to be exact sprites aren't original but you can still add them if you want to have a sonic type of story
Thing is that you should really need to approach original content, for example what I've just watched its plain old sonic characters in dbz style ( Music, punch sounds, lines sometimes, Kaio ken and kamekameha shit). So an advice, of what I'd do if I'd ever like to create a sonic sprite movie would be:
1) Looking for a team
On newgrounds there are so many talented muscians, you could actually ask if you can have a certain song added into your movie. Also some one which can create the sound effects which in my case I think it would be the musicians as well, there are so many people wanting to create something, and saying if you are actually willing to put time into creating something, then do it properly, again it could not come up as you wished , or it might not be that SOOO impresive, but at least you are actually going somewhere
2) Fix them bugs.
Sonic dbz fighting style its becoming an old cringy type of thing. And them punch and hit sound effects damn were so loud it wasn't even necessary. Ask people around to become better, so yes, sound quality needs to be adjusted significantly
3) Think of an actual story
Yes you can have a fighting story ( like some sort of creature comes out of nowhere and its a real villan and shit; eggman did shit; whatever) just stop with all the dbz music and fights and same old kamekameha and other type of lazer, banging. Its becoming such an useless movie, cos its been done so many times and there were so many attempts with very few being actually worth watching (you should be a real nerd to find enjoyment in things like these, but hey, weirdness is everywhere... jk flash movies are cool, watch Sonic Quest for Power - causes ''Nostalgia'' and ''Goosebumps)
4) Don't just waste time on things that are really going to be trash on newgrounds, because like it or not but this movie is gonna be hella forgotten in the following days, becoming just another attempt on newgrounds. Wish for things to be done better, and don't just copy the style of an animation, I know I've said it a few times already, but really... No like... really stop!
5) Watch other content on newgrounds and not only
There are a lot of hella nice flash movies done by content creators. Look for them, and not the ones which copy the same dbz styles. Sonic is not DBZ, Sonic is strong too, but has its own very style. Forget about fusion and forget about having unlimited power out of nothing.
6) Apply some logic
Realism is good in anything which is fantasy. It shows that the characters are indeed alive and not just some figures dancing on my screen. Sonic for instance can't go into his Dark ( very scary mode if you ask me ) if he isn't INDEED angry, like going crazy mad angry.
7) with all the seriousness you should apply onto your movies, you should also have hella fun
That's how you become successful into Sprite Flash Movies on the internet

Credits & Info

2.20 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2018
6:27 PM EST