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Purgatory (Animated Short)

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A terrified gnome finds himself trapped and on the run through an ever changing hell, created by the cruel garden cats.

This animation was created in a group for the character and narrative module at university.

My teammates:
Alex Thomas - http://instagram.com/thebritsonian
Eloise Wayling - http://instagram.com/wayl_ofatime

A massive thank you to Izaak Spencer for creating the music for this animation. See him at http://soundcloud.com/izaak-spencer
Please go check out my website for more of my art work and go follow my social media to stay updated on what I'm working on.

Website: http://liamjmwilson.com

Facebook: http://fb.com/liamjmwilson

Instagram: http://instagram.com/liamjmwilson

Twitter: http://twitter.com/liamjmwilson

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Evil cats

What a truly heart breaking tale.....
Never have I seen such a beautiful portrayal of the difficult times us dwarves face.
It's about time we got represented more in film. Thank you sir, the world thanks you.

So this was made back in... 1846? :P Entertaining short, though when that cat pops up at the end there the Gnome seems somewhat surprised... like he's not sure if he can take on the cat or not, like he wonders if the cat had any part on his purgatory, like he doesn't know into which world he just entered... trying to figure out what his expression tells, but considering he just went through hell maybe any fraction would be a natural reaction! Love the idea, and the fluent movement with the animation too. Mood builds up nicely.


LiamJMWilson responds:

The original story was that the garden cats had created this purgatory for him. However as we ran out of time before our hand in at university, that last shot didn't really get the attention it needed so it doesn't really tell the story as we planned. Thank you for commenting.

Very Ambitious!!!

Some of the motions did not translate well: his run, and when he started hitting the ground. These motions can have soooo much more weight behind them! Adjust the timing in some spots, and check out some running references (unless it was intentional due to him being a gnome)

Despite that, I loved this short!!! Keep it Up!!!

LiamJMWilson responds:

Yeahh as this was a group project at university, running was something we all struggled with. However the hitting the ground shot is one that wasn't done by me. Thank you very much for the feedback.

This was really entertaining. I was skeptical cause Gnomes? What the heck? but it kept me glued to the screen. Would enjoy seeing more gnomish adventures now. The audio was great in this, animation is quite nice and I enjoy the vibrant colorful nature of it.
I agree with what 5WOODL35 mentioned, a bit more work on that. Then ya slap together some kinda full-fledged plot (either for this or something else) and you'd have yourself some top-notch stuff.

LiamJMWilson responds:

Thank you. The premise of the plot was created using story dice at university so it is a bit random, I tried to make it work as best as I could in the script. Thanks for the comment on audio because I spent a lot of time on that and was really proud of it. I also did all compositing to make the lighting effects and such. Thank you so much for the feedback.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2018
6:03 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 6, 2018