*SAMPLE* Tower Princess

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Princess RIze is cursed to stay put in her tower, but she gets around that by growing into a giant and taking the tower with her.

Just a concept I'm working on. This is a bit of a sample. I made a stage (which is kind of a slog) and a boss fight.

Sorry I didn't start with a tutorial stage ^^;


Loved your game (I don't get why is it in the M section tho). The angles felt a bit off, it makes me feel unconfortable shooting at close range. Awesome concept, keep it up!

shooting is slow and girls are not hot enough i mean cmon

Fun and works well.

I would like to see more.

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Love the art.

Nice variety of enemies, decent controls.

Tower princess death animation is great <3

I encountered a little bit of slowdown at first, but as my computer finally acclimated to the size of the game, it was actually a lot of fun! Definitely an unconventional twist to a classic genre. Can't wait to see what more you have in store... oh, and the giant version's "death" animation was a nice touch, and I'm interested to see more animations in that vein depending on how your princess is defeated...

...but wouldn't that mean her curse is technically broken? After all, she's "cursed to stay in her tower". No more tower means no more curse, right? :P

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3.13 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2018
3:33 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense