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With the repeal of net neutrality rules you are the new big data, data throttler. Not all data is equal. Do your job and follow the company policy!

Read company emails to get the latest policy changes. Throttle, boost, or disconnect customers in accordance with the current rules.

Try not to get fired!

Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was "Transmission".

Cosmic Adventure Squad

Gameplay Code - Vu Ha (@stregawolf)
Artist - Rose Peng (@ouroborose)
System Design & Code - Ted DiNola (@esdin)
Code & Testing - Jordan Cazamias
Audio - Niko Korolog
Character Artist - Chris Palacios
Intern - Andrew Lee (@alee12131415)

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This shows a great message about net neutrality and what would happen if it was gone, but in this game, it's shown from the other side of the situation. Instead of you getting slow internet by someone, you are giving slow internet to someone. Another thing that contributed to the message was that after day 7, everything just grinded to a halt. Most people used the promoted websites and you usually don't have to move your mouse. There are some special snowflakes that try to try other websites, but they get throttled. Also, there are no news messages ever coming to your inbox after day 7. Probably because of the net neutrality. Even the company policy and the promoted websites stay the same. Day 7 is basically the point of no return in this game. Day 7 is when everything basically freezes. It would be a good idea to call day 7 a nickname, most preferably, "Freeze Day". Or "Freeze 7". Something catchy. But that isn't the point. This game is kind of like a simulation for if net neutrality just stopped. If it does stop in the real world, we might also encounter our own "Freeze 7". This game's message may have not reached out to people as well as it did to me, but it is a good message and shows us what the future could become. The only thing to do is wait for the time to come. 8/10 would throttle again.

Wow! This is very interesting. Well done mate, is similar to Papers Please!

very addicting
great game

Hmm, that was a very odd game. I didn't know how to play it. I guess I'm just not into games like this. I thought it was based on "Zootopia". It probably was! I guess it was at least unique.

I can see how others would like it. It was just too boring. I'm not into RPGs. Wait, it was a simulation game. I'm even less into those.

Not a bad game. I liked the little political angles.

Good musical shifts between errors etc. Day 7 onwards was a bit silly though.

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3.90 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2018
3:27 AM EST
Simulation - Other