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RobinRaid: Opening

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As the new year dawns, we continue with the journey you have all decided to share with me. As time has passed, I've come to take myself more seriously, and my brand and universe has grown greatly.

As such I've worked on this lesser side project for the last couple of weeks. As it stands, its half trailer, half intro, for the robin series, with music by effectator.

With the new year comes a new reason for the upload. The cartoon is fine, it's hard to glitch a (nearly) one minute long cartoon. No, the reason you're seeing this twice is because I had a through think to myself about what Azrealfreeman and Professor ganto both stand for. the professor account is where I put dreadfully simple, and house all of my older cartoons, like IMO and kick ass history. I'd like to see the day where cookie cutter ganto is synonymous with the brand of dreadfully simple, but as it stands, that brand is unrecognized, and is associated with his own work, separate from freeman.

This account however, is known for robin raid, its overall extended universe, and as such, it makes sense to me to put the RR intro here, where it belongs.

How to the ever, I will NOT be moving the robin vs the emerald force movie to this account as well. The reason being, that already won daily 3rd, and if i take it down only to upload it here, i run the risk of stealing 3rd place or even higher, for a previously released cartoon.

As always, thank you for watching, and have a lovely day

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old flash?

Women who can beat me to death turn me on. 5/5

a WOMAN??? Oh fuck it I guess newgrounds creators are jumping on the superultra pc sjw safe space bandwaggon where every single character in every single game is a black transgender minority gay demi-sexual trigenendered pyrofox. i mean I can almost understand when hollywood does it beacuse they have to pander to the lowest common denominator and try to suck money out of all the poor minorities that will automatically slap down a wad of cash as soon as they see someone who vaguely looks like them. but on the other hand you;re just over here making it for no money and still pandering to the unwashed masses of plebians who are just ripe for the manipulating.

Do you remember all those movies where spiderman is black? no you don't because they DIDNT MAKE IT
great animation tho 4/5

I definitely agree with you on the topic of female leads being done simply for damage control. The video itself is just plain hilarious.

The animation looks like it is made more then a decade ago in the early days of flash and this site.

Also I just cringe from this recent tendency to make female action heroes as main protagonists. Hollywood is pushing it for social engineering purposes, but I see no reason an independent artist would do it. A female punch is ridiculously weak in real life and real time female fighting is gross and not sexy. And that is fine! Let each sex have their own strengths and weaknesses and stop creating these overpowered Mary Sues that have the female beauty and male strength. It's a frustrated male virgin fantasy and is pretty cringe worthy for anyone who has life experience outside his couch, hs computer screen and Holywood induced stereotypes.

Captain-Freeman responds:

I wanted to take your review seriously, but Christ the incel is strong with you