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Blue Helios

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** This is a GGJ2018 Game and I'm making a full game of it, don't hesitate on following me on twitter if interested, of course it takes time to finish a good experience. **

Blue Helios is the hero in this puzzle gravity game. The objective is to repair each machine on each level to achieve 3 stars. Difficulty is progressive and it gets way harder at the end.
Fix each machine with 10 spacebar pushes and use your skills handling Helios' gravity powers. Use antennas to transmit your body along more difficult levels.

The game was made within 48hrs at GGJ2018, there may be glitches (are expected) but if you like it and you'd love to have more of it just let me know.

Enjoy it as much as we did making it, it's a fun experience.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/sotano42

GGJ2018 Official Blue Helios Submission

What I call "my brand" :)

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i like this game. this has ALOT of potential to be a really neat indie game, all you need is more mechanics, a harder difficulty and a faster helios. Other than that, your onto something, and im interested.

keep up the good work!

TristanMX responds:

Well, I'm glad you liked it. I've been working on this game during 2018 and I already have 80 levels with lots of new stuff and mechanics that complement this demo. Take a look at my twitter account and you may find some videos of what I currently have for it.

I'm planning on releasing it on steam, but I really want it to be a good game, so I'm taking my time to create a fun experience.


Thanks for playing and don't forget to spare a follow, RT or a like on my twitter.

Ten taps is a little much other than that I loved the game.

TristanMX responds:

I know, this was a prototype though... the actual game is in progress with 80 levels to beat and a more dinamic and hard gameplay, this will be the dark souls of platformers xD... check it out at my twitter account.


Very easy and short puzzle game. The mechanics are good, but not complex enough, I think I have seen this type of gameplay with more nuance and difficulty somewhere.

Weird decision to require 10 clicks to repair the devices. Why? If the goal was to exclude repairs done while falling it would have been better add a repair animation and time delay instead. I played trough the game and didn't understand you have to click 10 times and just clicked once or twice and assumed repair animation is missing. Just understood what has to be done after it was over ( and it was over quickly). I don't feel like replaying to make it correctly because I always visited all 3 devices anyway. Just replayed first 3 levels with proper device activation and saw no stars near level icon to indicate i have passed the level perfectly anyway - so why bother if even stars are missing?

TristanMX responds:

Hey! Thanks for the review. This isn't a finished game at all, was just a prototype created a Global Game Jam and wanted to share the result with the community. Stars are not saved however your progress is kept while you are still in the game. About the 10 taps over each machine, you made a point already considered, it adds no value so far to tap 10 times it needs a different incentive.
When an actual full game is finished I'll be more than happy to share it with you guys!
Thanks for playing!

Bounding boxes for the end of level sprites do not collide correctly with the player figure. This happened to me on the very first level after using the gravity controls to make the player character land on it, I didn't use the movement controls.

TristanMX responds:

Thanks! I'll fix the size of the colliders =) Let me tell you guys that I will start working on an actual complete game for this. Thanks a lot to all for your reviews and comments, this definitely told me the mechanics has potential.

Nice game, but for me way too easy. Because Helios walked so slow, I decided from the 3rd level on to just use gravity and beat every level (needed to press up tho for the teleporters, change it to spacebar and I can play this game with only three buttons).
Nice gameplay, 4/5 (enemies would also be nice :3)

TristanMX responds:

Thank you! The game is getting lots of views so I'm considering on making it bigger and with more mechanics. Let's see how the rate evolves.

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2018
12:20 AM EST

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