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Neon Shoot

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Author Comments

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Remember the good old 80's?
This game will give you a recall of them.
Retro Graphic,
Interesting gameplay,
Nice sound.

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Let's start by saying that a game that goes for the retro arcade machine in the 80's isn't bringing a lot.

So even with all the assets and GB's of Ram, and easy programming today you come up with this. Now I don't think this is a bad game, not at all, but isn't an interesting one.

I'm pretty sure when 80's kids think of a game they think of Space Invader, or Galaga.

In the first 2 minutes of playing I already feel spaced in, and with not much to do. I'm immediately attacked with not knowing what to do, which I like, it creates mystery. But why have mystery if you have... only 1 enemy. That's exactly the same as you. And by the way, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO DIE. You'll most likely die from an explosion blast you did to yourself on purpose, or just being an idiot in general.

The games supposedly nice sound is a 5 second loop of music, and the same sound. No interesting power ups.

When I think of an 80's, I think of a game that has multiple enemies that you memories and begin to understand their attack patterns. But in Neon Shoot that isn't there. I also think of cool and interesting level design in a game like this, that lets you move around, but that isn't here either. I know this is early development, but I'd like 3 or more levels to do something else in.

The color is pretty nice, and I like the simple movement, but an enemy that is exactly the same as your guy, makes you feel like there is nothing to the game.

I honestly think the game could use some more to it, it's basic, but so basic that there isn't anything interesting to it, make it different, make it surprise me, power-ups that interest the common gamer, and music that isn't a loop for 5 seconds. This game has definite potential, but it just needs more. I had to mute the site and start a playlist of music from games that I felt fit. I just decided to kill myself later. Also, make our health lower, or make the health stations only give you like 3 or something. And make more enemies spawn, I need more of a challenge to even get a good feeling. I think it would fit perfectly with the start, just immediately attacked, it's like being put in an impossible to win situation, but that isn't in this game with a score system, that I'm pretty sure could be reached to infinite if you really took the time to do. But it'd be on your first attempt.

Things I like:
Retro-like feel, with newer graphics that look nice, yet still that 80's style.
The simplistic style that lets anyone from any age group understand what to do in a short amount of time.
A shoot-em-up that lets you move freely, but yet not at to fast of a speed, or to slow that it feels just unfinished, (a lot of games like this seem to do this.)
Trying to take an old fashioned music style back, (but try to make it more interesting.)
Immediately putting you into the game to let you know that it's not messing around, by letting you get attacked off the beginning with no explanation, almost as in a lone wolf situation.

If i saw this on steam i would buy it. Awesome game!

i like it

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2018
3:23 PM EST