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My Worst Christmas Gift

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This is my first animated story telling video. It's also uploaded onto my youtube channel

This is the first of many, and I greatly enjoyed making this! Let me know what you think.

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Good shit

Although really limited in animation, dope character designs, and decent VO. The story is good and the use of sound design is not bad. Keep it up.

AnimatedStruggle responds:

Thank You! Will do! My videos will have more animation in the future.

My mom has one, but, then, I think she has some kind of pricey brush... like a, uh, rechargeable one with a stand next to it that holds different heads, similar to what comes with a vacuum cleaner. I think it was close to or more than $100, so I can't blame her for wanting to have it properly sanitized. I'm like you. I just buy some brushes, replace them monthly, and save one in case I need to scrub small areas around the house that are hard to reach otherwise.

I'm not a big fan of animated story tellers on Youtube, but that's primarily because many represent themselves with stick figures or featureless humanoid blobs to minimize the work involved to infrequently animate them for each video. Yours has a little more to look at, so thank you for putting in that added bit of effort.

AnimatedStruggle responds:

Thank You! Yeah I understand what you mean. I'm continuing to push my art work in adobe animate. My next video WILL have greater quality animation. Thanks again for the feedback! I really appreciate it!