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Brutal Bunnyhop (ac_car)

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Author Comments

Please DON'T play if you suffer from epilepsy. Lots of flashing colors.


So, funny story: I spent two weeks making the menu and two days making this game :)

I'll make a new game next week-ish, after I'm done sorting my messy codebase.

Follow me on Twitter for a chance that I will fix the bugs in this game:

UPDATE 01-24-2018: Made the game more fair, added ending, car restart and purple ammo.


"Make Your Mark [Instrumental] - Better Than The Book"

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You have Processed a good flash entry here, a differant type of game you have with this one but thats ok I like it, Its Lackluster in some areas but better in some others, I maybe possibly elaborate on that later, but for now I have to comment on this fine piece of game here and was pleased with it, so good efforts here and glad I had a chance to review it. Alright this is an intense game, the graphics are that old style but it was cool, these kinds of graphics do make the eyes tired just a tad.

Some better effects more splash effects more stuff going on.


My eyes tired a lot but it was fun and music is awesome:)

Mantis1 responds:

Too much flashing colors, right? I plan to use more pleasing visuals next time. Thanks for your review!

Well this was a trip! :D Great music, first and foremost. As for the gameplay it was fun but at the same time somewhat aggravating, the free-aim mechanism clashing with the car controls, quick turning, that makes you want to try in a straight line and shoot out a window instead of really go crazy and aim all over. Or maybe it's the from-the-inside-of-the-car perspective that gets in the way a bit... it just felt too flimsy and free IMO. Also missing car sounds on abrupt turns and such, feels like the driving aspect's a bit downplayed there.

The arena's a bit limited too, in appearance and dimension (all flat), but for a quick time waster it was a good dose of fun. Do appreciate the oldskool early-FPS-style atmosphere it brings in. :) Fun game, though could be polished a bit!


Mantis1 responds:

Thanks! I agree about the jankiness. I do plan to revisit this concept.

And indeed the music is great and inspired the game's concept. Wish I met who composed it *wink* *wink*

This game is amazing. 1 issue: ammo pickup rate. It is very slow and you blow through it fast. However, I love the concept and thoroughly enjoyed this game.

Mantis1 responds:

Thanks. I'll try to make the game challenging but in a more fair way next time.

Car controls are a little floaty, but I had fun with it. It took me a while to understand just what the purple spheres were for. At first, I thought they were just generic obstacles, but when they didn't slow me down... all in all, I think it was pretty good.

Mantis1 responds:

Yeah, I heard about the purple sphere as well, I'll make the ammo pickup graphic more obvious next time.

I hope there wasn't any mouse issues this time ;)