Rad-ish (Less Than Rad)

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My entry for pixel day 2018

The story of this is kinda weird, as soon as i found out about pixelday, I knew I wanted to enter an animation, but i could not figure out what to do. One day i was messing around with Beepbox and i made something that made me think, "this is radical bruh", so im like, why not use it and base my entry around that? The song i made wasn't really good though, I'm not a music person, so I couldn't just flat out say it was "rad", it was only rad-ISH. And that is what sparked this whole idea.... because whats more rad than a radish....Alot of things... but its still really rad.

This is technically my first 100% original animation, not counting gifs or flipnotes(but even then most of my flipnotes weren't 100%), so I glad i can at least say I've made something original.

Due to life issues that took away time, as well as my own bad planning, there were certain parts that didn't look as "rad" as i would have liked...but i guess it is "less than rad"... so Imma go with that.

The sequel

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Cool videogame, and I didn't believe he cloud go through plugs, and be supported by our
good WindowsXP. Well, can you answer me: can he understand binary?

But, you're not rad anymore.
I'm so confused of what has happened.

Well Done.

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you

A fun concept with some nice looking animation and art and some really cool motion. The whole thing felt relaly rad, with the radish not being burdened by anything. The music was also nice. Some parts didn't have great animation, but that was mostly the start. The story (if there is one) was kinda confusing there, because of the shots of all the sickly radishes. The ending was funny though.
Overall a fun experience, but the beginning could have been better. Onto the next one!

gatekid3 responds:

Interesting, i thought the beginning was much more understandable than the end, but basically the other radishes werent as good as that one. that's all i really wanted to get accross there.

I appreciate the review

oh my gosh this is so clever! the basic idea and name, the graphics, the music, and especially the end screen are so epic!!! i hope you'll participate this year and i can't wait to see what you make!

Good animation, didn't understood the plot aside from the obvious pun trough, if there was any.

gatekid3 responds:

The general idea is God himself deems this one radish that is better than all the other turnips and radishes worthy of the power to be rad...ish. Bathing him in a heavenly light, and giving it sick shades. The worm was in the light too, so he got a sweet backwards hat. Everything after that was just supposed to be... "cool" i suppose
there was originally going to be text, but with how short it is it wasn't necessary because what i just said you could probably guess (or you'd say something along the lines of, this radish is better than the rest, which was the idea).
the ending of it is just a bit odd and nonsensical, but that's in part due to bad planning and time management.

In short, radish cool, weird stuff happens.

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4.24 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2018
1:31 AM EST