Rad (Equal to Rad)

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For last years entry and the first part to this

I really thought id have enough time to do this with when I started, yet i still ended up running out of time like the first one...maybe its the raddishes curse. Ther first just had a weak ending to me, but this one has bits thrown all thoughout.

Overall I think I'm less satisfied with this one overall, but oh well. I can always make the final one better.

I had an ok narrative in mind, but i think i excecuted it poorly in the first one, which i feel hurt this one a bit more.

Eithr way, I'm glad i can be done with this.

I would link to al my other social media, but i am gatekid3 everywhere, because my username is so weird i guess. But yeah, follow me everywhere

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rad sequel

Looking back at this my mind wanders to the sound design again, wondering how it'd be with a richer musical backdrop somehow, but the rest of it's rad as ever! And always. And ishes.

Maybe not the most obvious red thread, and physics felt a bit off overall, but: enjoyable all the way. Appreciate the creative transitions, and how it all syncs to the sound. Didn't realize this radish theme was so permeating previously also...


Old mario theme's back.

Wow, the worm's planning a rescue? Unbelievable.

You're only pressing random keys or...???

And yep, you have that annoying rad-o-meter witchu.

Woah, computers support worms? You know that a worm is a form of a virus computer
talking, right?

Hmm... battling with defenses? You cloud have just ended here, but no.

Then the worm transmits some of his rad to the raddish. Lawl.

The ending was just...? The computer turning off? Weaak...

Great animation, i like it btw m8.


There are no words, it's simply amazing.

gatekid3 responds:

Well, neither worms nor radishes can speak, so i'm pretty limited on that end XD. Thanks.

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Jan 23, 2019
6:33 AM EST