Madness Antarctica

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Storyline: Garry and his crew are really screwed and they need help from Garry˙s friend, Penguino. But his adventure to Czech republic is harder than he expected.

Info: This animation is animated by different style. If you see a body getting smaller, don˙t take it as mistake, It˙s my fault. And helicopter gave me problems when animating.

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rEMeMbER mE?!!!!!!?!!?!?

G4RPL3I responds:

I Remember (maybe) but sorry, you are not those devils :P

Animation is poor and you still need to improve animation.
Here is a todo list for you:
-Make characters more "living", make them moving most of the time.
-Use Krinkel's blood and wounds sprites, and also stop making blood only like "ideal droplets". Blood must splatter much more and chaotic.
-Stop using tons of bright colors. It makes your animations looking like work of nine-years old child. Really.
-Use Krinkel's hands and other stuff, cuz your resprites make them looking pretty
This critisism is not to offend you but to help you to improve. I hope you understand it.
I give you four stars only because I see that you have potential but don't use it in right direction.
Have a great day dooode!

Its kinda rushed in the way, i would choose more complex storyline. The animation was alright, same like madness reunion, which is good atleast the madness guys arent moving like robots. Backgrounds and details are not good, the BGs are empty, without details which im pretty used to details and stuff. Sprites are (for me) over the top.

The animation itself needs work, the body and head stick together like the previous animation and the slow mo effects were over done, not to mention the body movement wasn’t realistic and just slides all over the place.

G4RPL3I responds:

Will work on that. Thanks man

what is this, was this made in like just a few days?
thats not how animations should go,

Quality over quantity, every animation and movie should take more or less a month, with polishing and well planned scnenes,

this doesnt have quality, this doesnt seem to take much planning, the story doesnt make any sense whatsoever, and the animation technique looks like they're all just tweened,

im not saying tweening is bad, there are people who use tweens who makes really good animations, but this isnt one of them, you just did this on a whim with no thought given to it whatsoever.

Credits & Info

2.19 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2018
2:20 PM EST