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The year is 2619, and the Human Empire is losing a war against aliens known as O. And you, the captain of small IMF Starship Eternity, are the only one who can save the day. Prepare to fight in space battles, negotiate with alien races, and solve mysteries - all to bring humans to victory!


The adventure will take you about 20 minutes. Control with mouse only.

If you like this game, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nigin

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I agree to RemileOduen's points below.

I like the story. However, I have a few suggestions about its design as a game. A "restar" button would be a good implemention, as well as save points. Maybe some dice rolls or stats (but some players don't like to rely on luck). As to the plot - maybe some deeper interpersonal relations described would have added something to the story.

AlexeyNigin responds:

I am glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback!

When I was just getting started on this game, I made a few bad design decisions that later came back to haunt me, preventing me from implementing restarts or saves. That was really stupid, and I will definitely not make this mistake again, so all my future games will have saves and restarts in them.

The game has a lot of dice rolls! They are just all happening under the hood. For example, if you choose to fight at the beginning, there is a 10% chance to win and 90% chance to lose. The final outcome doesn't depend on luck all that much, though: if you play perfectly, you will win the game no matter what, and if you make several wrong choices, the dice probably won't save you.

Interpersonal relationships - yep, that's the hardest thing for me. But I will try my best to write them better in the next chapter!

I really liked it. Where in the timeline compared to the announced chapters is this?

AlexeyNigin responds:

I am glad you enjoyed it! Here is the entire timeline:

21st century: Kina ship crash lands on Earth
23rd century: Rebels try to defeat four megacorporations
25th century: Humanity makes first contact with Tpiru (next game to be released)
27th century: O attack the Human Empire (yep, this is the game you just played)
29th century: Mysterious threat appears in the Milky Way (it was the original game that started the saga; I think it's pretty stupid, so I don't talk about it much)
31st century: IMF Starship Supreme is put into service

Love the story bro, I think it is much better if you could put animation like in visual novels... that's all keep up the good work bro!

AlexeyNigin responds:

Thanks! Unfortunately, my drawing/animation skills are similar to those of a typical 5-year-old, so my attempts to add animation to this game would probably just make everyone cringe.

Great story! I'll be waiting for the next chapters. Keep up the good work!

AlexeyNigin responds:

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it! I already started working on the Tpiru chapter, should release it in a few months.

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2.56 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2018
9:46 PM EST