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Abaddon Ascension

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Author Comments

Bunny Hop your way to the end in this skill based jumping game.
Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm-HRdugDQk&feature=youtu.be

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fix the fucking camera i cant turn my head enough to actually play

Once you figure out how to gain speed by b-hopping while circle strafing the game becomes quite good, but a more thought out tutorial would be nice.

The controls are horrible. I assume you got a lot of messages like this, but you do really need to fix the dang controls.

tgannonavi responds:

I haven't heard anything about issues with controls could you elaborate please

The idea is good, but something isn't right. I'm not sure whether or not it is your in-game explanation of air strafing or if the mechanic hasn't been polished enough (I'm guessing it is the last one), but, much like Hesiolite, I can't get passed the second section using your strafing technique. I'd like to bring up all of the problems I'm having with your game mechanic, as well as other aspects of your game.
- At most, my speed will rise from 9.5 (max walking speed) to 12 while using air strafing. This seems like it is barely enough to reach the distant platform in the second section.
- Even when I repeat my movements to perform an air strafing test, the results are almost random. I'll get anywhere from an unchanged speed of 9.5 to something like 11.21.
- Trying to "aim" your character while air strafing is also a problem. You've made it so the player needs to look toward where they are jumping, while the direction a player is facing determines which way the directional keys will take them (the "left" directional key will still take the player left, but once they turn left, they are now heading backwards compared to their original position). Why would you make a mechanic where the person's directional view and orientation needs to be shifted suddenly in order to gain more speed?
- The first challenge can be passed without using air strafing. All you need to do is jump at an angle to reach the platform blocked by the see-through wall.
- Even the directions provided in the game on air strafing don't provide enough information. Do you shift the camera once you've jumped or just before you jump? A video tutorial might have helped, such as showing the player what a successful jump looks like and how it is done.
- I discovered a way to move forward and use air strafing to some extent: while moving forward, quickly shift the camera's direction to the left or right and then jump. This will increase the player speed slightly.
- You put a speedometer and a line tracing the player's former path (after dying). I'm guessing you put them in to show to the player that the air strafing does increase your speed (or to ensure to yourself that the game is working), though if the effects of the air strafing were more dramatic, then this wouldn't be necessary.
- You have a top speed listing though falling will make the top speed for the player around 25. This seems kind of lame.

I don't like the sign that says "Persistence is Key". While many great games require persistence in order to beat them, these games have a legitimate difficulty, where when a player fails a level, they know it's their own fault, not because the mechanic literally sets the player up to fail in the first place (There's no skill in trying to figure out how far I have to turn the camera around after jumping, especially when the results are random). Since I can't beat the second section of this game, I can only assume that I'm not using the air strafing correctly, the game is broken, or the chances of successfully completing the jump are miniscule. This seems like an excuse for the flawed game mechanic. There's a difference between difficult and tedious (and randomness).

I hope that whatever the problem may be, whether it is the game or the explanation, that it is resolved because I enjoy 3D platformers like this. It definitely looks interesting and I would like to continue playing, but only if progress is more than luck. My apologies if this review comes across as mean. I wish you luck in your future in creating games.

tgannonavi responds:

Thank you for the detailed review I have added a tutorial to the description and have come up with a few fixes for the jittering/stuttering
-playing in Firefox
-lowering mouse DPI (using razor synapse or something is the easiest way)
-adjusting resolution (usually lowering it)

if you are still having problems getting above 10 speed please PM me and I will try and improve the mechanics and/or tutorial

It is fun and is a good idea, but whenever I try to move my mouse, I am recentered. This makes the game feel very jittery and nearly unplayable at some parts.

tgannonavi responds:

Thank you for playing!
possible fixes for the jittering include
-playing in Firefox
-lowering mouse DPI (using razor synapse or something is the easiest way)
-adjusting resolution (usually lowering it)

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2018
12:22 PM EST