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A lonely, cursed young man finds his attempts to engage in the world disrupted by a mysterious predator and a ghostly amputee.This is a project from a couple years back. I seriously wish I could have gotten voice acting because I had quite a bit of dialogue but ended up going the silent route. The storytelling isn't very strong and the artwork is lacking, but I hope someone enjoys it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sadetape

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Loved it

lol. very good tone. kept waiting for satie to start playing.

I like this style of art.

sadtape responds:

there are some satie pieces i would have loved to use in this! or anything i make. Thanks for the feedback.

I enjoyed this and thank you for making and sharing it.

The story was very interesting and it kept my attention.

Good animation and a good choice of background music.

Until I read the description I didn't really follow... it was morbid and eerie, but I wondered if the different 'chapters' were related or separate, if they told tales from the same persons life, or different ones... if it was about a meeting or a parting, about the trauma caused by the dog, a bad dream, something else... the description explains a lot, yet after imagining so many other things I feel like a 'mysterious predator and lonely witch' feels a too fictional route. Like it could have had more depth. Thought I was onto something big, but in the end it was more based on the visuals than I expected...

Voice acting might have been good indeed, to push the story, though on the other hand I feel the silent way really builds the mood. The atmosphere here is pretty special. Brooding. Gloomy. Lonely. Voices might break that impression... and I did like the visuals! Nicely done overall, all that's really missing is the red thread, for better or not.


sadtape responds:

I'm really happy read this. The description I gave is more simplistic and literal than I'd like, but I thought I might give at least a few details just to get people going on the plot if needed. There were all sorts of themes of trauma, loneliness, and guilt I wanted to touch on, though I'm still learning as a storyteller. I really appreciate your feedback.

Great work. I think the lack of voice acting actually added a lot to a movie. The animation was simple but good. Dark colors, shadows and lightning (like how the light drops on the couch when characters get back home), creates a really strong atmosphere. The only thing that kept me from giving this a 5 star rating was some things i did not understood in the story, but I was never very good in interpreting art :). Please, continue creating movies like this, looking forward to them in the future.

sadtape responds:

Thank you very much. Really nice to know some of those visual and atmospheric touches clicked with you. As much as I love the surreal and abstract, I still really like structured narratives, and I definitely hope to tell stories that can be followed, while maintaining some ambiguity.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2018
10:19 PM EST