Trumped Again

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Author Comments

A fun music video starring President Trump and his many political adversaries. Hope you enjoy the animation and don't take it too seriously.

I'm a YUGE Trump supporter myself and just wanted to make this for an amazing song by Jack Freda

Download the song here https://jackfreda.bandcamp.com/album/trumped-again

Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jackfredamusic/

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Santhosh_CHRiS

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I never took Trump seriously since day one.
Pray it's not too late to stop his madness by the next election. (Preferably before)

jackbliss responds:

Lowest unemployment in 17 years, stocks all time record high, released JFK files, biggest tax cuts for the middle class and for companies enabling hundreds of thousands of employees with YUGE bonuses, plus NOT dropping 26,170 bombs in a single year like Obomber did in 2016, over 600,000 Syrians able to return to Syria in 2017 since Obomber stopped bombing them and creating the whole refugee crisis in the first place, or when Obomber and Killary took down Gaddafi (despite Trump warning them not to) and destroying a country that had free housing, healthcare, into a country that literally has slavery now, the Hezbollah scandal, Uranium One deal with Russia, ObamaDoesn'tCare etc. etc.

I think it was absolute MADNESS under the rest of the puppet Presidents under the Illuminati or George Soros but perhaps madness became normalized and when Trump came in and started changing and even fixing things around and saying it like it is (though at times it can be harsh) people now think he's crazy lol

Try not to look at fake news like CNN too much and actually see both sides with different news sources. I'd also try reading some Wikileaks emails which will reveal some of the darkest secrets in mankind and why they are constantly attacking Trump. Thanks for the review! :)

I liked it

jackbliss responds:

Thanks. I like your review :)

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Jan 17, 2018
8:48 PM EST
Music Video