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Of Mice and Marmalade

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Tales From Arcadia Chapter 2 - "Of Mice and Marmalade"

Admiral Cheeseburger and Squirrely Boots have a lovely dinner together.

Written and Directed by
Brent Bunn

Executive Producer
Kolby Avery

Stephen J. Pena as
Admiral Cheeseburger

Trinatan as
Squirrely Boots

Art and Animation by
Brent Bunn

Additional Artwork by
Kolby Avery

Music by
Brent Bunn

YouTube ►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd8j5AXoPs_peW1lfcsX6IA
Soundcloud ► https://soundcloud.com/brent-bunn
DeviantArt ► http://yonderho.deviantart.com/
Other Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/AmbassadorWozniak
Yonder Ho! ► https://www.facebook.com/Yonder-Ho-320938731376589/

Stay Squirrely <3

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Cute characters..."Captain Cheeseburger" and "Squirrely Boots"

Animation needs work. Story needs development and better humor.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks for watching.

They seem to be building quite a bond there! :) Though that random guy in the background who suddenly says he has to go... wonder what he was doing there in the first place... maybe it'd all make sense with the first part!

Was assuming this would be a bit of a twist on the classic Of Mice and Men. but seems like all original work? Either that or I'm really forgetting the content of my classics, but I like the title, intentional spin-off wit or no. Looking forward to the next part!


Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you very much as always. Yep, they're fun to write for. I think they work well together :)

That random shirtless guy is a really stupid drawing I did back in 2011 that I keep putting in animations for some reason. He wasn't even in the script. I just put him in as a gag. He's not part of the story, I promise.

The title was a twist on Of Mice and Men, but nothing more. The rest was completely original.

Glad you hear you're looking forward to the next part of the story. Thanks for watching <3

I'm bad with names... and remembering things, so I apologize for not knowing Lance Avery or the circumstances pertaining to the memorial. As for the animation itself, the strengths and weaknesses remain from previous episodes. Cute, charming, strong VAs, and great music (because Bertn is sexy like that!), but your scripts are always hit or miss, particularly with the humour (humor, too). I can't merely watch this quietly. I'm either impressed with how well much of the dialogue continues to emphasize the uniqueness of your characters, or I'm visibly wincing whenever a bad joke is made.

Here's three and a half along with another half, because Admiral Cheeseburger also appreciates pogs.

Bertn1991 responds:

Zip zip zippity. Thank you for watching, even through the wince-inducingly bad jokes. I hope you don't have crow's feet after viewing. I do apologize if it wasn't quite what you wanted, but thanks for giving your thoughts.

Pogman 2020.

Alright, so the artwork and animation is budget-grade, but there's just so much charm put into this that I kinda forget about the stuff that's in front of my eyes. I just love the voices; they're very soothing in a way that you just don't get very often, even in nature documentaries. :D

Honestly, I'd give this a five for the soundcraft alone, but the artwork does hold it back. Also, I can't help but feel like I'm missing a huge part of the story from somewhere... with these two casually talking about their old days on opposing sides and the death and misery they've caused. Maybe this is a continuation of something? Something I can watch somewhere? ;)

Also, what was with that random bare-chested man appearing after the "freakout?" I'm all for randomness, but that was just weird! XD
But to be fair, it didn't ruin the relaxed feel of this animation, so it's all good. :)

Bertn1991 responds:

Eep thank you for writing such a lovely review :D

Firstly, I'm by no definition of the word a professional animator. It's all just Sony Vegas. No animation software whatsoever. I can certainly see where you're coming from. The animation is buttsville.

I agree, the cast did a fantastic job voicing these characters. I'm so lucky to have these guys on my team <3

There are two other cartoons with these characters, but they don't explore the backstory much more. When I created the characters I wrote their long history together, but mostly just to get a feel for how the characters should interact. You can still check them out if you want ;D

You're so right about that bare-chested black and white man. That part was just strange, but it makes me laugh. It's a really stupid drawing I did back in 2011 that I keep putting in animations. He wasn't even in the script XD

Anywhom, thanks for watching, and thanks for giving me a follow <3 <3 <3

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2018
5:50 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 18, 2018