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A Blacksmith Story Chapter 1

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Author Comments

A wonderful adventure of a young boy who grew up alone and found his best friend. Later he will create his own destiny.
English is not my first language so grammar mistakes can be found in text.
Northman Entertainment
Special Thanks:
-Sandro Emmerich

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Seriously dude, tooooooooo much grinding! Like, 500 Fame??? That is equals to creating 500 Rare items, which needs 9-12 Iron Bars for each item, and each Iron Bar costed 150 Tal. Not to mention all the other ingredients (3-4 Flux, 1 Leather,1 Rope,1 Ruby) that are also needed in order to make each of the Rare items. And the cave producing free Copper Ores and Iron Ores took too much time to reproduce them again. Like, hours? Even so, selling those ores doesn't give much income either. Worse is if it is to be turned into bars or to be created into items, because the selling price is not worth it, at all. I've done so many calculations of it. And yeah, it is much better if we just sell the ores rather than producing it into bars or items. But then, the reproduction or generating of those ores took hours so while waiting for that, we need to cut Wood Logs which is the same price as 1 Copper Ore = 25 Tal. A really low price. When we have to use the savings money to buy those EXPENSIVE ingredients for Rare items. I calculated the full cost for each Rare items, and the price for selling them is only 20-24% of the cost. Means, no profit at all. More like, deficit. Because as I said, the ores are not generating fast, which is why you have to grind Wood Logs, A LOT. And this can't be done within one day. Or perhaps the developer intended for us to play for days, I don't know. I am still at 50 something Fame after playing for a day (of course including doing other real life routine), but still, doing the same game routine of grinding back and forth with a really high goal is really boring, frustrating, and discouraging. The only thing that keeps me going is just because I really love this kind of game style, which is similar to Aveyond series and Final Fantasy series. Oh well, time to grind again.

And oh, there is no leveling up in this game so far (forever the same HP/MP status and the same Level 1). No combat/battle either. I'm not sure if there will be combat/battle after I finally reached my 500 Fame goal. So yeah, I need to keep playing to find out.

Save Game system not working for me.

Hoe do you open recipe book ?

So far so good, but HOW DO I MAKE WEAPONS?!

I can't figure it out. I have all of the materials and the book but can't make anything! HELP!

Great art style, well made !

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2018
1:14 PM EST