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The Strange Adventures of SphereBot

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Author Comments

This is a game about the adventures of an exiled robot who wishes to get off a strange and hostile planet...


This is the first complete game that I worked on. Alone.

I was kinda inspired by the first Fancy Pants Adventures game for the simplicity of the game structure. I'm trying to make HTML games and submitting them to sponsors but nobody liked that one. So I'm publishing it here.

I don't really like the casual games that are being released these days, they have no story, and mostly have no end to them. Who seriously wants to play another endless runner?

So I tried to make this one more like the old console games we loved, only less difficult so that we can enjoy the game and not be frustrated by it


Newgrounds was the only site where I uploaded the game that still scrolled the game even when it was supposed to have focus. The game worked OK on Gamejolf.

This has been fixed by adding the following code to the html file.

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feels like you are constantly on ice level and its very annoying also i hope next game has faster text transition

I'll give you a little more leeway since this is indeed your very first game. Firstly, I did enjoy the style of the game. It was simple, and the designs were cute and child friendly. I also enjoyed that it had some sort of plot, despite the fact that the cutscenes were pretty slow--like, mind bogglingly slow.

I think the thing that makes this game the most unplayable (to the point that I didn't even finish the game) was the controls. The float plays much too big of a factor, every control is slow, and it's very easy to fall back down when you're climbing something and have to start all over again.

Don't let this discourage, you, though. As you've said, it's your very first game you've made alone. Nobody makes a masterpiece their first time. The game itself holds promise, and I hope that I'll get to see some more from you in the near future. Keep up the work!

Eyy, Not sure if the floaty control is intended but I managed to beat the game :D
I feel like there's a lot more story could be told from the cyclops, the robot and the levels, maybe adding different biomes like different grass tile for each biome and overall improvement on the graphics so it gives more alien ambient.. but that's just an idea, pretty good for a starting game, the levels are not bad I guess, keep up the good work! :)

BryanJamesGames responds:

And thank you.

I lost all the source files to that game, unfortunately, so I'm done with it.

I was not happy with the control system either - it's just the one that came with Stencyl and is not even compatible with touchscreen events because it hijacks and modifies Stencyl's event handling too much. I have created my own control system for a new game I'm working on.

By the way, the different sky colors just represent the passing of time.

The Robot's backstory is that some scientists created him and he became sentient and did many good things. Eventually the public found out and freaked out, as always. To save their creation that had done so much to help them, the scientists smuggled him on a deep space exploration rocket. You can see what remains of it in the first level.

I just like simple stories. Which happen to be more than what many casual games offer.

Thanks again for playing!

Nice but the controls are not making the game fun to play.
1.Controls are too slow,so inresponsive.
2.the huge jump which goes forward against your will is pretty not pleasant,something you don't want for a platformer.
You can make very challenging games with sharp controls and you did the opposite,you made a game with an easy level design but with hard controls.
You can do better than that I think.

This is your first game as i can tell.
The controls are laggy, the cutscenes are slow, and the objective is not clear. Also when I use the up key it jumps but moves my page, now you may think that isn't that big of a deal, but when I play other games that use this button it doesn't do what yours does. the down arrow has the same effect.
I am sorry but this game is the worst game I have ever played on newgrounds by far.
But I believe that you have potential so keep uploading flash games and maybe just maybe you will get better

BryanJamesGames responds:

I fixed the Newgroundsspecific page scrolling issues. The game should run OK once you click in the canvas after the loading progress bar.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2018
6:44 AM EST