Why I quit School

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This video is meant as an inspiration to all of you who are tired of school and the school system. You can be somebody and you can learn without going to school

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Good Movie

Serious, persuasive animations aren't unknown on NG - we had a guy do a bit on Universal Income, I remember - but this one's subpar. It doesn't seem like you've put a lot of thought into your arguments, or a lot of time into your animation. Did you draw each bit of clip art in the collage - the dad yelling at the kid, the blackboard, the drawing hand? It doesn't look that way, but I apologize if I'm wrong.

That's right been out of the school for 10 years now and don't miss it since.

Fine presentation. You parodied that advertisements/draw my life episodes perfectly :) I personally think you overused the profanity a little, but that's probably just down to personal tastes.

How I feel about the topic... In Florida, every citizen's legally obligated to complete grade schooling up until the age of 16, then which it's up to the consent of both the child and the parent/guardian. I agree with this system. It follows your philosophy to a point, you do need to learn to read, write, count, and critically think. After my sophomore year in high school, the only useful things I was taught was that Edgar Allan Poe was a great storyteller, and how to set-up a bank account and what the different kinds of investment are... this was called "Advanced Algebra w/ Financial Applications".

Good show overall. College or University only makes sense for those seeking a particular profession.