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The Maddening Engineer Part 2 (Unfinished)

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The Next Part of Maddening Engineer But Unfinished

Still To BE Continued

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cool but the gun is very small to me

i dont have any animations on my account but you should really improve but you might be new to animation so for that ill give you four stars just for me being nice

Kill it with fire, you put some effort on it. But it just... UGHHHHHHH

DGavrilov responds:

Sorry , I Am Now Discontinuing This And Further On I Will Add Tests Until I Finally Actually Add A New Episode (I Am Restarting This)

Dudingdarn below sums everything up. Also, unfinished movies don't belong in the Movie Portal, put this in your NG Dump and make a news post to link to it.

Alright, maybe it's time to explain why peaple vote 0 stars:

1) Get Vcam, for preventing wierd camera "vibration" and moving everything on the stage

2) Learn how to mask lol: right click > Mask > and put all layers of the char body parts under mask layer


4)The movement look stiff, it's raccomended to distribute all symbol to layer: select the whole body > right click > distribute to layers. AND DONT FORGET TO SET THE FPS TO 30 FPS INSTEAD 12, It's raccomended to watch tutorials https://youtu.be/Z3T9O-sQI9E

I could say other thing about the background and the lack of char design on it, but you are new on the ground so for this time i'll pass!

still liek u

DGavrilov responds:

I Have Got 1, 3 And 4 In Here

Credits & Info

2.40 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2018
2:15 AM EST