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In the midst of a crisis, a magical fish comes to help a young girl through her transition into the afterlife.

This is the classically animated film that I made during my year at Vancouver Film School. It's a personal piece that came into my mind in the middle of a depressive episode and I decided then that that's what I would animate.

I would like to preface this by saying that it's not about glorifying suicide in anyway. It is simply my hope that all who have committed suicide were blessed with the peace they were seeking, that someone on the other side was awaiting their arrival, and would guide them to serenity.

The title "Pulchritude" was chosen because it's a very ugly word meaning extreme natural beauty. I thought it captured my film perfectly; an extremely beautiful film about a very ugly subject.
I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you.

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Really nice Backgrounds and designs.
Ok animation.

probably the shortest powerful thing i saw :) graphics, music, theme, story even the small details like the attention to detail was so sweet. Almost made me think of what happens if they fish was no more

A tough subject presented, but dealt with delicately.
It has attention to detail; I specially liked the posters on the wall, mainly the "salmon opera" one.

Sage-Kro responds:

I'm really into Phantom of the Opera and I needed something in the bedroom relating to it. Even though she is technically supposed to be me, she developed into her own person over the course of six months and I decided that she was OBSESSED with aquariums so I figured a very crappy pun was needed - if you can even call it that.
Each of the little photos and the other poster are tied to characters from Phantom of the Opera, too, because I'm trash.

Really like the colors and background art. The animation is good. I see that you attempted to have some secondary motion with the girl's hair, but it stops moving at the same time as the body. If you just let the secondary motion end in its own timing, I think your animation could look really good. A little secondary motion goes a long way.

Sage-Kro responds:

Thank you!
This was my first ever attempt at animation, so there are LOADS of mistakes haha

Beautiful music and even though a tough subject to tackle I like your messeage.

Sage-Kro responds:

Thank you so much

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2018
9:32 AM EST