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Overcome Flappy Birds-style obstacles with different mechanics

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This game is really fun, very intuitive, ad not very hard to play. But, like all things, it has a consequence. Even though it gets harder and has different things for you to do, but most of the time it has the same gameplay, and it can get the teensiest bit boring.

But, nonetheless, very fun, and great job MarianoBno (if you're reading this, don't take this the wrong way. )

MarianoBno responds:

Thanks for you review

The game's retro feel takes me back to the day of NES and SNES and its nice that you came up with an original idea. The controls are more or less made for an actual computer mouse rather than a laptop such as the one i am using. This makes it harder for me to survive and adds more of a challenge to the game. The music is more like an old arcade game menu screen set on loop. Overall i feel like with just a little fine tuning, this could become a great Throwback Thursday game.

very nice!

I would have preferred the "rumbling" to appear a bit later in the game, maybe in case
- you pick up a collectible -> This way there would either be things in your way you would like to evade but that donĀ“t kill you,
- you reach a certain number of clicks -> This way you would be encouraged to reach as far as possible with as few clicks as possible

Replayability is not too high on this game for me, yet. One reason is that my head tells me "aaaw, in order to beat my highscore, I have to do it aaaall again, and more". Maybe one of the above option would change that thinking to "Aah, if I evade that, I could survive a bit longer" or "Aah, if I click less, the earthquake will trigger later, so I might try again with clicking less/more srategic"

Keep it up!

MarianoBno responds:

Thanks for you review !

A simplistic, but very nicely exectuted concept! I played a bit around and also noticed that you can make sure that the ball doesn't touch walls at all by constantly creating platforms upwards and downwards, but this resulted in low scores, as many clicks+small ball distances=low score.

Either way, this was very enjoyable to play. You could probably add some more obstacles ( like spikes or sawblades) and maybe also some colors

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2018
9:46 AM EST