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Author Comments

You are a new hot shot smuggler trying to make a name for yourself. No job is too hard or too dangerous in your eyes... as long as the credits are good. And if the client pays, you will package up the materials and hand deliver their items personally. How many days can you survive in this dangerous business?

Smuggler is broken down into two game phases. The first phase consists of you producing the correct materials for your clients. The second phase deals with you transporting the materials through asteroid fields, maybe even pirate infested areas. If you are successful in transporting the materials, you will get paid and will be able to upgrade your ship or repair your production machines.

Production Phase:
Click on correct material button to start automatic production of material.

Transportation Phase:
Up Arrow = up
Down Arrow = down
Space Bar = normal shot
Q = Missles
W = Laser
E = Bomb

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I really value the effort that went into making this game. I love the ambition to create a game from absolute scratch that has multiple game phases.

With that said I think you need to do some serious work on this to render the game into an enjoyable experience for the players.

After "surviving" for 13 days I have the following observations:

- the game is loaded with typos..cmonBruh
- there is no sense of advancing anywhere...there is no scaling difficulty in your game. this applies to all phases.
- the Payment / Upgrade board is a complete mess. I had to get a degree in Economics before I could understand wtf is going on there. You need to clean up / change that table.
- sometimes some meteors get stuck on the left edge of the screen and there is no way to get them unless you bump into them. This is a bug.
- write more client requests and make the choice actually mean something. Right now I can choose anything and there are not consequences

- most importantly, you have NO GOAL in the game..why keep playing? No storyline, nothing to achieve. I see you have the beginnings of some plot there (resistance groups, crime syndicates etc.). Expand it..create a goal for the player (help a faction, destroy the syndicate etc..ANYTHING)

+ I like the music
+ Everything is made from scratch...ships, menus etc. I appreciate the hard work.

3 stars and that reflects my hopes that eventually you can work on the things I mentioned.

konozabulldoza responds:

Thank you for the critique, anything and everything is useful. I especially appreciate the idea about consequences for your choice of clients.

Not great not bad. Played a couple of missions and got board rather quickly. Graphics and controls remind me of games that in a 2003-2005 flash game would have been kinda cool. Not really a game for me but if you like a little slice of nostalgia flash game give it a go!

konozabulldoza responds:

Yea it was made for a month long game jam, so I understand the boredom part. What would keep your interest longer?

The game is fun, but could use some polishing.

konozabulldoza responds:

Do you mind elaborating about beyond polishing. Really want to get this game going

Has potential but needs and update. The conveyor belt part is really unnecessary and the controls during the delivery are buggy. The screen doesn't lock so pressing up/down scrolls the webpage (though it might just be my shit comp). Needs a more fun font. Finally the gameplay is overall unfulfilling where the delivery feels like a chore instead of a challenge. Good luck!

konozabulldoza responds:

Thank you for the critique, anything and everything is helpful. Question about the font, does it look like the title of the game or just generoc font?

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2018
10:21 AM EST