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Octopus Tako's beetle collection was blown away by a magical swirl of bubbles! Could you help it pop all the bubbles and find them back?

Tako Bubble is a turn-based casual puzzler; as soon as three glittering colored bubbles are popped, Tako can get to the next level by magic! Please help it crawl through deep-ocean environments, defeat ferocious monsters, pop all the bubbles, and find back the hidden beetle gems!

Arrow keys: 4-direction movement control
Level goal: pop 3 glittering, colored bubbles in any order to get past a level

This game is turn-based, meaning other AI creatures move right after your move. The X symbols indicate places you do not want to move to. There are no time or turn limits, no reaction time to avoid enemy moves, so please take your time.

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Wow. Very solid. The one repeating track can get annoying.

Pretty decent idea, pretty solid execution.
Some elements aren't immediately obvious, but you get into the rhythm of things pretty quickly.

It's a really fun game, and a great puzzle in general so many many different enemies to consider and places you can move to.

For that, it would have had 5 stars.

Unfortunately, it was often very difficult, between the enemies, bubbles, and altitudes, to SEE where I was actually going to be whenever I moved. Often times I would move somewhere only to realize after that I couldn't escape, and have to restart a level. It's always a guessing game in guessing WHERE Taco is actually going, whether he's jumping up, down over, under, or wherever, while it can be fairly easy to see, it's hard to tell whether he will be able to jump UP to a place or just skirt over to the right, or to another place, or down, or wherever the fuck he feels like going at the time.

For the shoddy controls and the general frustration it brings, making the game less of a puzzle and more of a memorization session, the game is demoted to 3.5 stars.

Nice game, gameplay is interesting, but too bad this only a demo and full version is only for mobiles - not going to get it!

AllySheng responds:

Thanks for playing~

This was a lot of fun! I liked the mechanics of the game, found it engaging, yet relaxing. I also loved the ios version too - thanks for making it!

AllySheng responds:

Thanks for playing and comments!

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2018
4:15 AM EST
Puzzles - Difference