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Loot Run [Lite]

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Author Comments

Find the full version of Loot Run in the Steam Store OR in the Google Play Store!

If you like Loot Run, join our Discord Server! We use it for meetings (you can listen in), and take our closed beta testers for new games from the channel. We also have Key giveaways from time to time!




A mysterious young woman appears in the middle of nowhere. Does she have something to do with the strange events unfolding in the kingdom?

“We may be immortal, but without adding to our number...no new people...no new ideas...we aren’t living.”


Commander of the Kingdom Army. Peerless combatant. Steadfast. When faced with containing a dangerous plague, will he enact the king’s purge order?

“I died here. My body burned. My armor will be evidence.”


A fearless warrior, Drax’s self-inscribed battle axe is the last thing his enemies will ever see. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up in strength.

“Gaahaaha! Did ya see how far his head flew? A new record!”


Head of the Kingdom’s intelligence network, he prefers to resolve problems by avoiding confrontation and working behind the scenes.

“You might consider going around. He has a full company, and they want to kill you. Most are psycho.”


He's the youngest member of the kingdom’s elite force. His combat skill is only slightly overshadowed by his snarky confidence.

“Color me pink and pin a tail on my butt cheeks, look who it is!”

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Hardcore mode?! That's what I'm talkin about!

Graphics are great and the animation is smooth. If you are not afraid to grind, you get can get stronger and make your way deeper into the plot. To make it better, add more levels and upgrades.

Really cool art style on the opening cutscene. I actually skipped them because I felt the text was moving way too slow though. Can you click through it like you can the level scenes? I can't test since the game won't let me watch it again.
Fighting is alright so far, I've barely scratched the surface of it but i'm hooked. One thing though, kinda feels at odds when your first thrown into it because you can't really tell what anything does first run through. But after you get to camp, it's nice to see you can change the amount of power you put into some of the moves. Never seen that done before. It'll prolly keep me busy for a little while. If I had more time i'd see it through to the end. Hope you expand on this game or give it a sequel. Feels refreshing, good stuff man.
Also, and this really isn't my concern but I can't believe someone gave this a 0 rating because he can't figure out why the game won't run. That's just.. idk man.

threeguysgamestudio responds:

Thanks for the feedback man! So the opening cut scene is about 35 seconds long, and the reason you can't skip through the text lines one by one is the music is synced up theatrically.

It was a stylistic choice, and while it probably isn't up the alley of many browser game players (generally players who want to get into a game rather quickly) we want to keep it how it is. It is possible to skip that opening cut scene and then decline to skip the rest of the prologue in order to get some more information on how to play & experience the story.

You'll find that the skill combinations are almost insane...the game "ends" with an endless dungeon style forever increasing difficulty, so gear and skill mixtures become key for how far you can get. Honestly, we don't really have enough play-test feedback yet to really tell what the actual best/overpowered combos are.

We are continuing to work on it and add content, but also waiting somewhat on feedback to know for sure where to expand next.

As far as 0 star guy...fun stuff, lol >.>

Weirdly the game doesn't start.
Too bad it looks like something nice

threeguysgamestudio responds:

What browser are you using?


threeguysgamestudio responds:

Thanks, appreciate it =)

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2018
11:09 AM EST