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Adventure Miner

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Author Comments

Game about unknown guy who wants to explore mysterious caves!


Left Mouse Button - Mine
A - Move Left
D - Move Right

Made by Blumi and Max in 48 hrs before new year 2018.
Don't worry there will be future updates for this game ;)

If you find some bug or glitch please let us know in comments so we can fix them :) Thank in advance!

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There's no save feature? It takes a long time to for the game to really get moving and all progress is lost if you stop playing. The progress is a bit slow, needs more minerals or more value for them.

Blumi responds:

Thanks for comment ;)
We're working on saves it should be working today.

I can only mine & die every day without selling the minerals

in reference to the previous review, id say you should tell people that you need to target the block specifically. id really recommend that you allow us to just mine in a direction by holding left click instead of making us click that specific block, though. seems pretty good so far otherwise. the frame rate is really awful for me (win8.1, chrome) but im not sure if thats just an issue with my pc. every second on your timer is about 4 seconds for me. the game is still playable like this, just a lot slower than intended. if anyone is having problems making progress, just mine straight down and only move to the sides if there are minerals close to you.

notes on my second play:
-music is way too quiet and there are no volume controls, if i turn the volume up louder to hear the music the sound effects are too loud.
-needs a pause button
-i am still disappointed in the movement/ the fact that we need to mouse over specific blocks instead of using directional mining
-ores do not behave consistently regarding how close i must be to pick them up
-digging speed is very inconsistent and seems to be operating on some type of loop where if i start clicking at the right time i move about twice as fast
-i agree with others about how the progress is too slow. if the game were more engaging (hint: make the music more fun) then it'd be a lot easier to overlook, but as it is i can neither really enjoy the sound nor can i put on different music and it really makes the game a lot less fun.
-if we have to keep holding down left click to dig and we have to keep the mouse over the specific block we want to mine, you need the character to stay in the center of the screen. they seem to just randomly drift off center and it doesnt seem that the cause is consistent, so i have to keep repositioning my mouse even if i am literally just digging straight down. this is a big issue for me.

i am almost 100% confident the values of the minerals are going down or that i am not being paid for some of them. im on my 15th or 20th run and im only making like 2-500? it doesnt tell me the values of each mineral either so i have no idea what to go for. since i doubt this is supposed to be some kind of market dynamic im just finding it really disappointing, because as all the other reviews say the progress is already way too slow and we're not seeing any new or exciting content, no changes of terrain or increased value of minerals etc. it seems that you havent really designed this game with an ending in mind so much as just something to grind on, and its not engaging enough to warrant that. im not doing 12 more runs just to get a time upgrade when im unable to see any change in the game whatsoever after the first time i reach the rocky soil. that is while i am literally digging straight down just to check if theres actually some point to this.

your game is okay as a start but in general it is just not worth investing time in, so while i found certain aspects appealing, you really need to think about whether people are going to enjoy themselves with something so slow and static, *especially* considering the irritating issues i mentioned earlier with the audio. i wish you the best and all but i am p frustrated that i even spent time on this.

How can I mine, left click doesnt do anything? would like to play & rate if I can get it to work..

Blumi responds:

Sorry, but we don't know what are you talking about casue you can mine with left click, but maybe you should hold this button over blocks and wait until they break.

The game is ok. The keyboard/mouse playing is a mess. The character should move in the cursor's direction, without the need of the keyboard, it would be much better. Also, it takes too long to have some progress. Maybe you should increase the number of minerals and/or decrease the prices of the items.

Blumi responds:

Thanks for review it means a lot to us :)

We will improve controls as you said and also balance game to make it more enjoyable!

Wait for future updates ;)

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2017
6:18 PM EST