RCP:Madness S01E01: Retribution

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Freddy, after witnessing the bludgeoned corpses of his friend, suddenly has a new goal in life to kill the killer, Maxim.

Programs used: Macromedia Flash 8 Sony Vegas 14

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nice bro

I enjoyed this animation, I'ts not the best madness anim i've seen but it's by far not the worst.
I am aware that this was rushed but for you to not be blammed you've gotta shoot for the 110% effort.
The only problems I had with this were the fact that it wasn't really story driven and you were placed into it with no prior storytelling. I would understand If it was a demo reel but this is a story.
Second problem is that the animation was a bit choppy. You'll get better at the animating if you practice, I was absolute shit but now i'm actually pretty good. Overall, I give it a solid 4. Good luck :)

The sound effects don't always follow the sound, some scenes are empty and I'm not sure the music really fits the locale... but it did entrain a little. It's a start! :) Hope you keep polishing; improving; don't rush everything!