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Sal The Christmas Krampus

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Merry Belated Christmas! What better way to kick off the new year than a song about good ol' Sal the Christmas Krampus...Wait? You mean to tell me that you've never heard of him? Well pull up a chair and lend an ear! Its intergalactially stupid.

HUGE thanks to Lorenzo Leite AKA Klay-Kremling for animating all the claymation scenes in this! The man's a genius!

Subscribe to him HERE:


AND once AGAIN Thank you to Blaine Selkirk who provided a wonderful tune to the lyrics I wrote. He also sung the backup vocals!


Huge thanks to all my subscribers too. All puppets, puppeteering etc. built by me. (with the exception to the amazing clay puppets by Klay-Kremling) Generalissimo Grunt, Sal etc. copyright of me.


You know old Kris Kringle who’s jolly and fat…
The Festivus ninja and the Arbor Day Rat…
But do you recall…
The most obscure mascot of all…

Sal the Christmas Krampus
Is a demon it’s been said
With a red goatee, and stripy scarf
And Two horns upon his head!

Sal the Christmas Krampus
Gives out gifts the stories tell
And Unlike other Krampuses
He won’t drag your kids to hell

Every foggy Christmas eve, in a cheap plastic sleigh
He rides into dictatorships, laughing all the way !
“Hardy har har!”

All the rotten kiddies
Sal gives all of his toys
And hands out back to school supplies
To good young girls and boys

Sal the Christmas Krampus
Now his story has been told
He makes Christmas Tolerable
When it’s this god damn cold!

Rump pump um pum pum
Rump pump um pum pum
Look, there Krampus goes
Rump pump um pum pum
Rump pump um pum pum
Man this weather blows.

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Yeah I really Like this..

I liked the Krampus puppet.

Claymations good.