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Swift & Loose: Ep 9

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Watch the whole series so far: http://swiftandloose.com/watch

Swift & Loose | Episode 9: Lucky Rabbit's Paw (Season Finale)
Relief, grief, and a photo thief. A short time after the Woods Street shootout, two people have a necessary conversation at Swift Detective Agency. Then, Madame Wolfe finds a photograph that uncovers a new mystery.

FOLLOW THE MYSTERY (Get clues, investigate characters, find extra content):
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Facebook ►►► https://www.facebook.com/swiftandloose/
Tumblr ►►► http://swiftandloose.tumblr.com/

All animation by Maree Railton

Sharon Belle /// Harley Swift
Cassandra Wladyslava /// Madame Wolfe

All music by Jeremy King
Listen to the Swift And Loose original soundtrack at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrE0rZEfee4a2LNWRwmONlA4xRCAJsR78

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I gotta say this is a lot better than the s--t they show on Cartoon Network

Mmmm... that was such a pleasure to follow this season. I really hope we'll see second season soon, and I'm really looking forward to it. Absolutely great. Absolutely. Wish I had more stars to rate this.

An ending in the best way possible. :) And with promise of a sequel.. maybe? I would like to see more mysteries starring this particular duo, but if this is where it truly ends then that's alright too, couldn't think of a better way! Conclusive, charming, and with a little leftover confusion to keep the viewer intrigued even when it's all done. The hand was a nice twist too. XD Wasn't expecting that! But it's suitable.

It really has been getting better and better all season, from the point where I was a little curious over what would happen next to where I'm exhilarated to see the new episode appear; watch it promptly. Right now there's really no other series here on NG with such an effect, so it must be doing a lot of things right. Script-wise, mainly. Everything is great, but the brooding mood and atmospheric build-up is the best part. And the carefully contrived and so colorfully clashing characters, of course, just wouldn't be the same without them!

Great work on this season, and hoping for more if there is more on route! Hint seems to hint like... there might be. It's been a pleasure to follow.


Every week, with every peek it got better and better (^_^)♥

Every single new episode almost made me cry, because it's over while I wanted to know how it goes on from there. The atmosphere was fantastic. The story was interesting and exciting... maybe not the MOST original thing, but the overall package makes it great. Sorry, if I lack in my way to express myself, I'm not a native english speaker.

The character drawing style is not my taste to be honest, but it fits good to everything, the animation was nice & fluid, the surroundings were great. The backgrounds, the effects that made them lively and this depressive mood in the air... it was just great.

The charactes overall were well written, very strong in their characters and very deep in their feelings. They weren't just there. They had a background, which influenced them in their way of acting. They seemed very real and likable. Of course the great synchronization made it even better. Sometimes I had some slight problems to understand everything, because they were talking so fast sometimes, but as I said I'm no native english speaker, maybe I just have to improve my english (^.~)

My personal favourite was Episode 4, were Madame Wolf and Harley got closer just to get seperated more than ever just shortly after it. Predictable? Maybe, but I really liked it anyway. I mean... there are many predictable movies and series out there, but we watch them anyway. The art behind it is to excite the viewer, no matter if it is predictable or not. You made it. I didn't wanna miss a single episode and I didnt (^_^)

To be honest, I expected my review to be longer, but well... should just stop talking, if I have nothing to say. What I didn't expect was the short moment at the end. Honestly!? Wolf is pregnant from Tony (o.O)? Another secret standing between her and Harley? Another reason to make a 2nd season?... maybe?

But for now the series ends together with this year, but I hope for it to continue OR for another great series from you \(^.^)/ Have a Happy New Year!

Dear miss maree,

this animated series is magnifificent. thank you so much for it. The level of detail in art, story, and the storytelling was extraordinary. you even took care of breaking the fourth wall in this last episode. week after week after week i rejoyced anytime i saw a new update. The story was occasionally a bit predictable, or maybe it's me and have i watched a couple of short movies too many. nevertheless the artwork more than made up for it and the jokes with the names too (i'm a big sucker for details like that and i sometimes read too much into it (like bambi's gun Hind sight HAH nicely done deer)). and the cliffhangers where sublime. i have a feeling this is just the beginning though; we have yet to go trough the looking glas. i wonder what that turtle means. but now i'm straying.

now for the artwork: the drawings are very neat; the fluidity of the animation is excellent. what i (personally) like is the mix of more realistic details and the more stylized shots. most people probably will want you to specialize in one or the other but this works for me.

the voice-acting was good but i wonder if wolfe's voice isn't a bit over the top on the accent. and maybe not enough over the top on the innuendo but on the other hand i am not a native english speaker so what the hell do i know.

Music: fitted perfectly Congratulations. Very well done indeed: even without looking at the animation it works.

tl;dr: go watch this series now, uncle J says so.

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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2017
7:16 PM EST
  • Daily Feature December 31, 2017
  • Weekly 4th Place January 3, 2018