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Peace Force

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PEACE FORCE. A 2017 pitch pilot for a science fantasy neo-noir superhero western horror action adventure dark comedy (that is also animated).

During the trough of a creative slump, I decided to write a pitch bible & pilot for a potential TV series. Then I thought -- "I should make the entire animatic in advance!" Then I thought -- "I should half-animate the entire pilot in advance, like a color animatic! So even if things don't work out, I'll have made a short!"

In retrospect, this was two thoughts too many.

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I really liked it!!! best wishes!!

Hum, gotta say: This seems like it could turn into something really interesting.
It's overall really solid. Seems to have a story going.

Did like how it was made up as a pretty much "everyone's a douche". It's rare to see that being something not based exclusively on gender. Especially when done in a non-shoehorned way.

Coming in both fists swinging! WORTHY and also quite fresh. THIS WAS A PILOT EPISODE fer sure!

The animation being a touch simple did nothing to subtract from the presentation of the story. This was good old home cooking style animation. Personally I would say make no changes to the animation style if this should go through. Slight clean up maybe but no significant changes should be necessary. The voice and character work was deeper than first blush.

Nice backstabbing with backstabbing and more backstabbing. There was so much Duplicity I would have sworn I was watching a meeting of Evil Incorporated working to take over a really vicious world. Too bad a lot of this rings true to real life and I think that adds a lot to the dark appeal of this one.

Careful, Cartoon Network MIGHT be a bit hip to this... Then again this would fit in its own dark way with Adult Swim. But the truth will always be that if this does make it to being pursued as a series this could very well set itself in the likes of Rick and Morty as well as Futurama and other very popular "future world" animation shows.

Neo-noir Western... It almost is like Dungeons and Dragons had a car crash with Futurama and was rushed to Wester-world hospital with all the consummate duplicity of Rick and Morty. Still, inspiration is a foundation is a foundation we build upon and you went for a more unique way of dodging past the whole thing of "Someone else already did that." I am not sure anyone ever has done anything like this at all.

And the length of this pilot? 22 minuets is about true feature length for a half hour show taking into consideration commercial time. That is impressive effort right there. If there is a bit of improvement in your sound work you will be onto some gold. While not without its small flaws overall this was out of the park. The humor was dark and quite Schadenfreude in some ways. And ending with evil grins! THAT IS A BAD GUY CLIFFHANGER ENDING FOR SURE!

The end was like a cherry on top of the whipped cream. You done served a fine audio visual dessert. Unfortunately now you are going to get openly bugged for the next episode. In a way though that could be like waiting for Prosnorkulous 3 to finally come out. We were promised a MOST EPIC BATTLE (Middlefingerrings, what's up? if you somehow read this!). However that may not be the case here. This pilot possesses depth a lot of entry level animation does not have. There be much promise to be found in these waters!!!

Thank you for a fairly spectacular piece of work and Happy 2018!

Wow, this is basically a whole TV episode! It's like 50% of the quality of a real, budgeted show, but that's really impressive for an amateur production. The story is similar to a lot of stuff I've seen before, though I still liked it quite a bit, and I see a lot of potential. Voice acting is pretty good overall, though some of the recording equipment really needs to be upgraded. The animation is rough, but it gets the job done.

If there was a whole season of this out, I'd binge watch it right now. But probably it'd be optimistic to expect one similar episode per 6 months without a dedicated team, and with those kinds of delays it starts to become really unsatisfying... If you're looking for real funding, I hope you find it.

This has A LOT of potential.
A great length, great story, great characters, personalities, and voice acting.

The character designs, backgrounds, and animation need work.
Nothing looked smooth.

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2017
8:45 AM EST
  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Audition