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Author Comments

Hello there!

This is dotty, a colorful game, easy to play but hard to master.
You just have two tasks. Let the dots grow as big as possible and plopp them before they touch each other. For bigger dots you get more points.

Find out the best strategy to get as much points as possible!

dotty is also available for Android: in Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ruerob.dotty)

and for Android and Windows: on itch.io (https://ruerob.itch.io/dotty)

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i found this game is interesting and there is something bugging me
1. if i expand a circle till all the screen is filled with it the game is crash completely with the web.
it looks like you cannot cheat or bug this game
2. i think its better start off with 3 circle instead of 2

thats my review. thanks for the game >.<

ruerob responds:

Thank you for your review! \:0D/

I've tried it very often to expand circles to the complete screen... Somehow I never have get it done! haha! Was it easy for you?
The problem is, when you expand the circle to the full screen the game is endlessly searching for a free place to set a new circle!

That should be easy to fix. I just quit the game if that happens.

Regarding your second point I think I will test that here.
I thought about that some times too. I always thought that the slow start could add a feeling of relaxing to the games start.... Mmmhh... I will send a version with three circles at the start to some friends and will see what they say. :0)

A big thank you for playing dotty and taking time for this review! :0) I really appreciate that and will take your concerns serious. :0) THANK YOU!! \o/

Very fun, but only for a short while. Would be fun for a longer time if there were global high scores for players to compete.
I like to grow a circle as big as possible and imagine it’s a huge star.

ruerob responds:

Yepp! That's definitely the case! haha! :0)
I already made a small search for adding global highscores with the newgrounds api...
But because I've used gamemaker to build the game and just found a plugin for achievements and not for points I don't know what to do now... :0/

But the Android game in the google play store will get a google managed global highscore! :0)

Thank you for your review! :0)

pretty fun game, real straight forward.

that HYKY sound effect at the start has to be changed. It is terrible.

ruerob responds:

Thank you for playing dotty! :0) Great to hear that you've had fun! :0)
But the sound will stay! haha! :0) Sorry for the bad news! :0)

Have a great new year 2018 and a lot of fun playing games! :0)

Quick and easy to play pretty unique too and I love the difficulty and score is more down to my own cockiness of letting it grow bigger :D

ruerob responds:

Haha! Thank you for your review and for playing dotty! :0)
It makes me happy when dotty gets played and people have fun with it! :0)

I got a game over from 2 dots that weren't even on the screen...

ruerob responds:

oh! I will check that! Thank you for your message! :0)

Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2017
4:49 AM EST