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Immersion (independent short)

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Tommy is a guy dealing with light anxiety in public places. This day he makes a trip to the indoor swimming pools. It's really crowded and this is where this story begins.

An independent 2D short I made as my bachelor graduation film in 2016

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social anxiety at its best
Sound effects were well done, the song is satisfying.

Let me say this right now, I don't consider this to be bad, just lacking for my tastes. That said, here's my reasoning for why I feel it lacks behind for me.

The art style. I know different people find different styles appealing, to me the art is this short seems ugly, I can't get immersed into the ongoing narrative with the animation being strange for the sake of being strange.
(see what I did there on line two)

The narrative. To me the story feels like every other art/film school student kind of "artsy," pretentious project. "Look at me, I make original art works that handle new, niche topics." I've seen this kind of narrative a thousand times before, and I'll wager I'll see it a countless times to come.

The nudity. Tell me, how do you make tits that ugly? I never thought I'd see the day where a scene like that would turn me off faster than my ex.
(needless to say this is not safe for fap)

That's really all I can say, for my personal tastes there's nothing about this little short that I can find appealing, but going by other reviews you have an audience that likes it, so in the end my opinion doesn't matter, because I am about as far from your target audience as one can get.

Have a good rest of your days

Me while watching: "This person must be Canadian... This is Canadian animation... OH CANADIA!1"
Me after watching: "...Switzerland?"

Good stuff! It really does remind me of the Canadian short animations of the mid/late 90's.


I like how you manage to use a contemporary artstyle without going into the garbage style that is post-modernism. Overall good sound design, soundtrack very fitting. Excellent detail on small things, like the way the mc's lips move. The paneling of certain scenes was great. Really makes it worth watching multiple times.

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2017
1:52 PM EST