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Megaman X vs. Yoshi

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After Megaman X accidentally teleports into Yoshi's world, Yoshi becomes defensive and fights Megaman X, thinking he's an enemy...X retaliates, thus starting a battle between them both

edit 12/15/18: updated old OBS video ver. with new Swivel ver...should be better quality for the most part enjoy :P

edit 1/25/18: updated old Swivel video ver. with a newer Swivel ver...should be even better than the previous Swivel ver.! Enjoy.

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Amazing! Firstly I didn't even know that pressing play with cause anything, but then I noticed. :P

By the way, doesn't it cause problems with Nintendo by using a cover from the Tetris theme?
Because I would like to upload a Mario cover of mine, but I'm very unsure about whether I should go for it.

i like it, has great animation for the most part but the landscape is kinda dull, keep up the great work!

but yoshi should have won because he bae

NanoSoft responds:

Thanks for the feedback!


No fair, my mans Yoshi basically got jumped.